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How to Rank in Google Image Search Page 2021?

rank in google image search 2021

Want to rank in Google image search? Images that you use as a featured images when writing a post actually appear on Google Images after ranking. If your website posts don’t show on Google image search results then you missing huge organic traffic,

but If your website articles start appearing on the Google Image search page, you will get even better organic traffic, and with that comes the branding of your site. People are getting to know about you. So how to rank in Google image search?

In this post, I am simply explaining step by step that how you can easily rank in Google image search quickly, Before began let’s understand that how does Google image algorithm work?

How Does Google Image Algorithm work?

When Google crawls web pages and images at the same time, Google bots or Spiders visit the website and collect data from the image, and send it to Google search index. After that image search algorithm take the action, and Google analyzes user queries through ‘search by image’. Based on various algorithmic factors, the search engine ranks the image on a specific query.

What Are The Google Image Ranking Factors?

I think the biggest Google image ranking factor I’ve experienced is to write your targeted keyword on your image. I am saying this with proof because I have ranked lots of images on the Google image search result page, here you can see the below image.

google image seo edited

What is Google Image SEO?

Before we start let’s understand what is google image SEO? Image SEO is about explaining to Google the image, video, or file you are using in a post so that search engines can easily understand it. This is called Google Image SEO in practice.

With Google Image SEO, you can increase the ranking of your website, as well as increase organic traffic, and it also increases the site’s credibility in the eyes of Google.

Why Are Images Important For SEO?

Adding images to your content allows you to keep your audience on your page longer, as it provides more coherent and streamlined information,

which has the advantage of increasing your average session duration, and the bounce rate also goes down, and these two are considered to be the most important metrics of SEO, so it all comes down to two things: ranking and the best work of image SEO.

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The biggest advantage of this is that, when people search images on Google, on various topics, and any one of them has an image at the top of your ranking

then people use it on their blog and give you credit are in the form of backlinks, which is considered to be the biggest ranking factor of any site.

How To Rank In Google Image Search Page?

You need some basic settings to rank in Google Image Search. I will not tell you any difficult techniques, I will talk about the same simple techniques that I used myself and I also benefited from them. Here are the eight tips to rank in Google image search page fast

#1. Use High Quality Unique Image

Whenever you create an image for a blog post, make it high resolution. and always create your own image. I recommend use JPEG format instead of PNG because PNG images are high resolution and large sizes but produce better quality,

but in the case of JPEG, you may compromise quality but you can adjust the quality level with the little adjustments as you require.

Do not download images from the net or any copyright-free website. Most people download and use freely licensed images from Google. If you don’t know how to design an image yourself, then you can easily create one with the help of canvas.

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#2. Keep Descriptive File Name

When designing an image, always use the title of your page as your name when you save it. You can also call it a part of Image SEO. Whenever you add a featured image to a post, don’t forget to rename it first. This increases the chances of your image being ranked.

#3. Place Images First Fold of The Content

Many people do not know where to use the images in the post, and often do not use the image, which can put a very bad reward on your website.

When you write a post, design images for it and always use them in the first fold of the content. You must use at least one image in addition to the feature image.

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#4. Add Alt Text & Image Description

Just as you need a basic SEO of your post content, you also need to do a basic SEO of images to rank on the Google image search result page. Like you should have written an image description with your targeted keyword and also include your keyword in the alt tag.

Alt tags help Google understand your image and what your image is about. When a user opens your page, the image of the post is not loaded. this alt tag displays the text that you have has written.

google image seo

#5. Create Separate Image Sitemap

When your site gets more traffic, it also increases the chances of crawling and indexing, Whether you’re thinking of adding your images to Sitemap or creating a new Sitemap for Images, or wherever you want an image in Sitemap. So you should create a separate sitemap for your images. If you are using WordPress then you can easily do this with the help of the Yoast SEO plugin.

#6. Syndicate Your Targeted Image

Syndicate your targeted image to different image-sharing websites, such as Google Photos, Imgur, Deviant Art, Flicker, and share on many other sites, you must link each syndicated image to the image of your original post. This will create a group of ”nofollow” links, which will send an authority signal to the image

#7. Use Vector Graphics If Needed

A line, point, or symbol is called a vector, use vector graphics in the images to make your blog images more Google-friendly, and make sure you use them according to your topics to help you get to the top of the Google Image Search page.

#8. Enable Browser Caching For Your Images

Browser caching is the place where once a user visits your site, the images and all other files are stored in his browser, and if the user returns to your site again in the future, the site loads faster than before. ۔

If you use WordPress, you can enable browser caching using the W3 Total Cache plugin. This will make your images appear faster on the Google Image Search page.

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Another important point I would like to make is that whenever you design an image, you must use your target keyword inside the image. this will make your image more SEO-friendly, and your chances of ranking increase.

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