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How to Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers In 2021

protect your WordPress website from hacker

I am sure you also want your website to be safe like my site from hackers, and for that, you use a lot of tricks. But you still run the risk of having your website hacked. In today’s post, I will tell you some of the methods you can use to protect your WordPress website from hackers.

Man is prone to mistakes, but it should not be that you keep making mistakes yourself, you should always learn from the people who make mistakes. People who learn from the mistakes of others are actually the ones who are wiser,

Today I am going to teach you the same thing, how you can secure your WordPress website? how to protect it from viruses? and how to protect it from hacking attacks?

protect your WordPress website from hackers

#1. Buy Good Web Hosting

Hacking attacks are most common on your hosting server, which causes your website to crash and all your data to become corrupt. You do everything well on WordPress but if your hosting is useless then of course you may have to suffer the loss.

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That’s why using a good hosting service is so important to you, Never compromise when choosing to host. Always go with a popular hosting provider that helps to more protect your WordPress website from hackers. I recommend A2hosting and Siteground you can try them I am sure you will happy with this.

#2. Use Strong Password & Username

I’ve seen a lot of people who give their usernames as admins and maybe even randomly give passwords, and that’s totally wrong. So use a strong password and username, If you want to really protect your WordPress website from hackers then you should keep changing your password after one week

#3. Create Limit On Login Attemtps

After a good username and password, you should also limit your login attempts. It makes your website more secure and helps prevent all kinds of hacking attacks.

For this work, you can use the Limit Login Attempts Reloaded WordPress free plugin. It helps to protect your WordPress website from hackers and stops brute-force attacks, and also improve your site performance by limiting the login number of attempts

#4. Design Custom Login Page

Protect your WordPress website from hackers using this method. Most new bloggers usually use the default page of their WordPress website, which should not be done, so you should always create a custom login page. for this purpose, you can use a free WordPress called Admin Custom Login.

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Using this plugin you can change the color of your login page, add a picture, put a slideshow, put your own logo and add custom text colors and fonts.

#5. Don’t Use Nulled Plugins & Themes

The biggest mistake most people make is using nulled themes and plugins. You fix everything, just like creating a custom login page, giving a strong username and password, but you are using nulled them or plugin on your website then everything is useless.

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That’s why most people’s websites get hacked. Because hacker input their code into the themes files and when you are using nulled them you don’t know where is the code and after a few weeks or months your site got hacked,

so always go with premium themes, and I am sure you don’t want to compromise with your official business website, keep protect your WordPress website from hackers.

#6. Update Theme & Plugins Regularly

If you want to secure your WordPress website then you should always update your themes and plugins regularly because they maintain your website’s security and performance.

Whenever developers add new features to plugins and themes, we see a notification at the bottom of the WordPress Dashboard, which allows us to update them.

You should also remove inactive themes and plugins, this procedure helps to increase more your WordPress website security

#7. Don’t Use User Registration Form

If you only have a simple blog, I would recommend that you do not allow more users to enter, and keep the registration form off on your website.

#8. Keep Regular Backup

The off-site backup must exist, You should make a backup of the website necessary, but first of all, you should be able to upload a backup. If your website is hacked or crashes due to a virus, you can easily back it up.

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My recommendation is to use UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin. Worlds most popular and high ranking free WordPress plugin for your website backup and restore. UpdraftPlus allows you to backup your files and database restore into just one single click.

#9. Use Good Security Plugin

To protect your WordPress website, you should use all sorts of techniques. To further secure your site, you can use Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan. Wordefence includes the latest firewall and malware scanning system, which specially designed to protect WordPress.

Wordfence protects against IP addresses that are malware and malicious. They block the IP addresses which attack your WordPress website. They secure your WORDPRESS FIREWALL, WORDPRESS SECURITY SCANNER, and LOGIN SECURITY,

So, use this plugin and protect your WordPress website from hackers and malware. I will write the complete Wordfence setup tutorial in the future.

#10. Change Table Prefix

Usually, our database tables start with WP, but we should change the prefix of the tables. If we do not change this then a hacking technique available called SQL Injection which can be compromised with our data. The question is how to change the table prefix of the database? simply you can easily with the above plugin which i am discuss

#11. Use SSL Certificate

Without SSL, visitors and users to your website run the risk of having their data stolen. Therefore, they do not trust a website that is not secure with SSL, and your website is also at risk without any encryption.

By using SSL, you can not only protect your website from all kinds of phishing, but also from major scams and other threats. So always use an SSL certificate on your site and build customer trust. Every web hosting provides a free SSL certificate if not then you can also go with Cloudflare.


Consider the security of your WordPress website your most important responsibility and never compromise with it. I hope these 11 tips helps to protect your WordPress website from hackers and every kind of malware. If you like the post then share this post on your social platforms and if I miss any point then suggest it to me I will really appreciate thank you.

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