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10 Profitable Blogging Niches Ideas For Adsense Approval & High Traffic

Profitable blogging niches ideas for Adsense

In this post, I will discuss the top ten profitable blogging niches ideas for Adsense approval and high traffic. whether you use Blogger or WordPress.

In both cases, you can write articles and also can rank on Google SERP. Even the article will not have such a big tension in your mind. You can easily rank by writing short articles and making small changes.

I will also show you proof that they get traffic in millions and also get Adsense approval, It’s not too much of a hassle to write articles

Selecting or getting the most profitable blogging niches ideas for Adsense approval is a hard task for every beginner.

That’s why most new bloggers make this mistake, they choose the most popular topic like health, travel, or make money online without any proper keyword researching.

Such blog topics do not easily rank on Google. You work hard but your blog does not get traffic and your blog does not rank. Then you get depressed and quit blogging.

So always choose low competition blog niches and when you are going to write articles for your blog then find long-tail keywords

Top 4 Most Profitable Blogging Niches Ideas For AdSense Approval & High Traffic

I’m telling you again you can do blogging in WordPress as well as in Blogger. You will need a (TLD) top-level domain name. If you are using WordPress CMS then you will also need hosting

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Now let’s begin  to discuss the most profitable blogging niches ideas for Adsense approval and getting high traffic

#1. APK  Blog

The first profitable blog niche I am sure you will familiar APK websites. Now one thing that will come to your mind is why we should create an APK website. While we get all the apps from the Google Play Store.

If everyone thought the same thing, those who have created an APK website in today’s history would not get millions of traffic on it and they would not have made a good income.

Here is the proof of the APKPURE website which is approved by Google Adsense and they also get millions of monthly traffic.

profitable blogging niches ideas

profitable blogging niches ideas

So you can easily create using WordPress or Blogger and you don’t have to write much content. You can just write some game specifications and features by doing some changes to the words.

It’s not as easy as I’m saying. You have to work a little harder. It’s a good option for you if you try to find profitable blogging niches ideas for Adsense approval.

#2. Entertainment Blog

Everyone loves the entertainment industry whether Bollywood, Hollywood, or of any kind. Everyone loves to read about their heroes and heroines.

For example, if you want to read Salman Khan’s biography then you are searching on Google. Every youngster is interested in it. This type of website also gets good traffic and also approved by Google.

This is another proof

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profitable entertainment blogging niche idea
entertainment blogging niches

So you can see this website gets 4.48 million of traffic per month and they also approved by Google. You can also start your entertainment blog and make money

You don’t have to write a long article here either

If you write content regularly then definitely your blog can also get popular get more huge traffic and generate handsome revenue. This is one of the most profitable blogging niches ideas for Adsense

#3. Movies reviews Blog

If you love watching movies and also can explain complete stories in your words then this is the best profitable blog niche idea to star a movies reviews blog

Nowadays, everyone likes to watch movies and before that, they try to know the story and characters of this movie. This is called a review blog where you get all the information

If you want to create a web series or movie reviews blog then it is absolutely legal you can create. You can also get AdSense approved on such blogs. But, it is illegal if you are providing the download link

If I talk about its traffic, it also drives millions of traffic

profitable blogging niches ideas for Adsense

best profitable blogging niche ideas movies reviews

You can just write a review and add a rating of the movie. You can easily start a blog like this. If we talk about the earnings of this type of blog, you can estimate it only from its traffic.

#4. Coupon Blog

So far, all three websites have seen a lot of traffic and also approved by Google Adsense. Now, this is the fourth profitable blogging niches ideas that are most popular and easy to create.

You may have heard of coupons and the trend was very high. Everyone started blogging about it. But now the trend has diminished because those who could not work on it regularly gave up.

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And now the competition is very low, It is the right time for you to create these profitable blogging niches

That is to say, if you start working on such topics from today and work regularly, you will be very successful and you can beat those websites who are dead

These types of the website also get massive traffics and Adsense friendly here is proof

profitable blogging ideas for adsense coupon blog

most profitable blogging niches ideas for adsense

#5. Holidays Calendar

Another most profitable blogging niches idea you can even earn thousands to millions of rupees a month by creating a calendar site. Don’t be surprised, it’s true. You can get millions of traffic from Google every month by creating a calendar site.

You can find information about monetization, public holidays, lists of festivals of all religions, and other important days on your calendar website.

In addition to calendars displayed in India, you can also create calendars for other countries like the USA, UK, etc. You can also bring traffic from these countries to your site. You can earn millions every month from calendar sites.

There are many websites on the internet from which you can take websites like 2021 Calendar, thousands to millions of traffic every month.

In the beginning, you have to work hard to promote your website and once you reach a good reach, there is no limit to your earnings.

#6. Poems and Shayari Websites

Poetry and poems that most people love to read and millions of people around the world are discovering new ideas about poetry and poem.

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People also like to read poems and poetry about the difficulties they face in their lives. Many famous Indian poets have made a name for themselves in the world of poetry and poems.

If you like to write poetry, you can create a website about poetry and poems. In addition, you can allow other people to post poems and poetry on your website, which will add good content to your site.

Google gets a lot of traffic to the poetry and poems sites, which maximizes your revenue. It’s also less competition blog niches.

#7. Free Converter/Compress Tool

Most people on Google look for a file converter in Google to convert their files to another format. If you search for the word “converter”, you will find millions of searches on UberSuggest, which is less competitive.

People search the internet for a variety of keywords such as PDF converter, JPEG converter, etc., all these keywords are searched in millions on Google.

For example, if I were to talk about Compress JPEG, the work of this site is only to shrink the image, and the traffic to this site is 3 million. Similarly, if we talk about PDF converter, this website gets more than 1.3 million traffic every month.

These are just a few examples and there are many keywords that you can use to search with UberSuggest or other keyword research tools to find their search volume and build your website according to your location.

So I suggest that if you build your website on this site with the help of a website developer, you can earn thousands to millions every month. This is the best niche for blogging.

#8. Customer Care Number

People use a lot of products from time to time in their life and a lot of big brand products that they use like Apple, Samsung, internet service providers, etc. Similarly, there are thousands of brands that we use in our daily lives.

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If you are using a product and for some reason, there is a problem, then that person contacts the service center of the brands associated with that product for which they use methods like call, email.

If you create a website that can provide customer service numbers for all types of products, this will be a great way for you to earn money. You can serve the world through your website and provide contact details of all brands around the world.

#9. PIN codes and zip codes

PIN codes are required to go anywhere in India and millions of people around the world look for PIN codes to identify places.

By creating your own website with this theme, you can earn money by advertising with the help of Google AdSense. You can provide PIN codes and zip codes of other countries with India on your website.

#10. Net worth and biography

Most people like to know about famous personalities like cricketers, actors, actresses, athletes, sportsmen, politicians, etc. and read about their annual earnings and the struggles of their lives.

People are eager to know about their earnings, property, wife, girlfriend, etc. There are many websites on the internet where you will find information about these celebrities. There are thousands of people around the world, details of which you can find on your website.

You can start working on this type of website and earn money by advertising with Google AdSense.


If you decided to make a career from blogging as a primary business then you should research perfectly and find the best blogging niches ideas for Adsense approval

It is good if you are converted your passion into a blog and it becomes more profitable for you

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But, these top four the most profitable blogging niches ideas for Adsense approval good options because they are low competition and high traffic blogging topics ideas.

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