Premium audio Sonos speakers: The premium audio company, has expanded its worldwide offering by entering India. Luxury Personified, a subsidiary of The Sun Group, has teamed with the Santa Barbara, California-based home audio business to introduce its wireless home audio speaker range to the Indian market. Sonos will be allowed to sell and service its products in India officially due to this arrangement, putting a stop to sales through third-party sites.

 Premium audio Sonos speakers
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Sonos speakers will be available for purchase both online and offline through Luxury Personified. Portable speakers like the Sonos Move, which costs Rs 43,999. High-fidelity loudspeakers like the Sonos Five, which costs Rs 54,999, and soundbars like the Sonos Arc, which costs Rs 87,999, are among the devices that will be available in India. There are other accessories and speaker sets for sale on the website, but these are more likely to be found in physical places.

In the world of home audio, Sonos is a well-known brand. Although the United States is its largest market, India is anticipated to boost as it seeks to compete with Apple, Google, Nest, and Bose in other nations. “India has evolved into a global hub, and consumers now have a better understanding of the product’s intricacies. Through our product offers, partnerships, and corporate initiatives, we intend to bring people together to share experiences and explore culture with the introduction of Sonos in India,” said Kush Malik, director at Luxury Personified.

Sonos’ biggest task will be wresting customers away from firms like Bose, Marshall, and Apple, which now dominate the premium home audio category. Not only does Google compete with Sonos in terms of brand, but it also competes in terms of software experience. Sonos products include high-fidelity multi-room audio as well as solid support for streaming services like Spotify.

The main benefit is that buyers will no longer have to pay outrageous amounts for Sonos devices from third-party retailers. They also have access to formal customer service and warranty on these items, although through Luxury Personified.

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