Pokémon Unite medals: What do the medals mean?

After playing hard through each Pokémon Unite round, you and your team are taken to the overview screen where you can see how many points each person scored. Whether you win or lose, medals are also awarded to both sides based on how well each teammate performed during the round. But what exactly do these icons mean, and how do you get them? Here’s everything you need to know about medals in one of the best Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch as well as one of the best iPhone games.

Pokémon Unite medals

Here’s what each of those Pokémon Unite medals means and how you can get them. To get more medals, you need to use each Pokémon on the roster to their best advantage.

How to earn Pokémon Unite medals

You can earn multiple medals each round based on how well you play compared to others in the arena. If there’s a specific medal you want to go after, make note of what requirements unlock it and then aim to meet those challenges. For instance, if you want to get the Healed, Best Score, and Gold Supporter medals, you’ll need to heal teammates as often as you can, score the most goals during the round, and score at least 80 points before time runs out. Decide on your goals before you start the round and work to make them a reality.

Medals for the very best

Work hard to defend your goal, knock out opponents, score points, or heal your teammates to get Pokémon Unite medals. The better you do on the battle arena, the more likely you will earn them whether you’re playing on iPhone or Nintendo Switch!

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