Pinterest Shares New Insights into How Brands Can Enhance Appeal Among Gen Z Consumers

Pinterest has shared a new research report into the shopping habits of Gen Z, which explores how brands can maximize their product appeal, and how Pinterest can help to enhance connection with younger consumers.

The report looks at what Gen Z ‘Zoomers’ are looking for in their shopping journey, and which elements are more likely to drive better response.

As explained by Pinterest:

Zoomers (consumers born between 1997-2012) have seen it all – they’re the first true digital natives – the first generation who can’t remember what life was like before the internet. That makes them less attached to particular brands than previous generations – and they’re far more keen on finding new shiny things that will set them apart.

Indeed, Pinterest notes that Zoomers are 20% more likely than other generations to try a new product, while its internal data shows that Gen Zers have also purchased 80% more new products in the last 12 months compared to other generations.

That means that there’s new opportunity for brands to tap into existing markets, and challenge the status quo, if they can get their messaging right.

And the benefits can be significant:

“Brands that connect with Gen Zers may see 14x greater revenue growth opportunity on average with this generation over time versus other generations.

In order to connect with this emerging consumer cohort, Pinterest advises that brands should look to:

  • Utilize video – Pinterest says that video ads are more likely to capture Gen Z’s attention than other types of marketing. “As the first true digital natives, Gen Zers are more likely to say video ads appeal to them when shopping for new products than other generations.”
  • Highlight brand values – Pinterest says that Gen Z consumers want to know that the brands they buy from understand their values and preferences. To do this, marketers need to get an in-depth understanding of how each platform works, and what’s important to younger audiences, while brands can also show their support for charitable causes and movements through their posts and announcements.
  • Help them stand out – Pinterest says that Gen Zers look to products that will help them express their unique identify. “Having grown up in the most socially open era yet, Gen Zers relish standing out – and using the products they buy to help express who they are”. By showing how your products can help them leave their mark, that could help in aligning your brand with younger consumers.

These are some valuable pointers – most you’ve likely heard before (video, highlighting social causes). But still, it is worth noting these key elements in boosting your appeal with young consumers.

It’s also interesting to note the desire for products that help Gen Z users stand out. These days, among busy social feeds, and with global connection to subcultures and trends, it’s harder for youngsters to showcase their individuality, and that can be a selling point for the right brands, particularly in fashion and related fields.

Pinterest further notes that Pinners, in particular, are early adopters, with users some 15% more likely to purchase a new product within a week of launch, while Pinterest also says that 50% of Gen Z are active on the platform, providing a direct connection to this audience.

It’s worth noting these points in your approach, and maybe experimenting with some of these elements in your 2022 marketing plan.

You can read Pinterest’s full Gen Z marketing report here.

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