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Pinterest Shares Holiday Gift Trend Insights Based on Rising Pin Search Volume

Pinterest is looking to help guide your holiday shopping with some new insights into rising gift trends on the platform, which includes fashion, beauty and gadget searches that are gaining traction in the app.

The big focus for Pinterest, of course, is fashion and beauty, and the data shows that ‘fairy grunge’ is the thing this year.

Gen Z is all about aesthetics – Trending aesthetics among Gen Z for the holiday is fairy grunge (362x), which includes whimsical elements such as beaded necklaces and gothic styles.

So what does ‘fairy grunge’ entail, exactly?

Pinterest says that black platform boots are on the rise, as are searches for ‘Goblincore sweatshirt’.

Pinterest also reports that searches for ‘cozy sweater vest’ are gaining traction, as well as ‘silky roomwear’.

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Seems like the WFH trend is translating to mainstream fashion – or at least, people are looking to get even more comfortable around the home.

Gen X, meanwhile, are looking into higher-end fashion items, with searches for luxury handbags’ up 4x over normal volume, and and Men’s luxury watches’ seeing 3x more interest.

Why anyone is buying a luxury watch is beyond me, considering the functionality of the Apple Watch and related devices, and the coming next gen of smart watches that will have even more features. But as a flex, sure, some of these do look impressive.

Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are searching forfaux leather skirts’ and ‘antique gold jewelry.

So that’s something.

In terms of beauty trends, younger consumers are searching for retro 70’s makeup (39x), while Millennials are looking to soft glam’ (41x) for make-up inspiration.

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Also, beard styles are up for men (3x)

In homewares, Gen Z are keen on ‘earthy aesthetic’ this year, while Millennials are into ‘cozy farmhouse ideas’ (200x).

‘Minimalist décor’ is the key trend of note among Gen X, while Boomers are looking toeclectic but vintage styles’ for their interior design inspo.

Lastly, on tech gadgets – Pinterest says that interest in tech products is up 45% overall, with ‘cool gaming rooms’ and ‘house gadgets’ among the key risers.

Pinterest gadget trends

These are some interesting notes, and considering Pinterest’s focus on product discovery and shopping, these trends would largely be indicative of broader consumer interests, which could help to inspire your holiday marketing initiatives.

And at 444 million active users, Pinterest itself is driving a lot of product discovery and purchase activity, which is also worth considering – especially if your products fit into these key niches and trends.

You can read Pinterest’s full gift trends overview here.

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Social Media

Pinterest is looking to help guide your holiday shopping with some new insights into rising gift trends on the platform, which includes fashion, beauty...

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