Pinterest Announces Second Annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ Conference, Highlighting Key App Trends and Initiatives

Pinterest has announced that it’s bringing back its ‘Pinterest Presents’ conference for another year, with the virtual event set to provide new insights into key usage trends, while also enabling Pinterest to preview upcoming platform features and updates for your planning.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Under the theme ‘It’s different here’, attendees will hear exclusive updates about what Pinterest, the inspiration to realization platform, is ambitiously working on across shopping, creators, trends and more.”

The event will be held on March 10th, with sessions hosted at variable time zones to cater to Pinterest’s key markets.

Pinterest Presents line-up

And it could be with tuning in – last year, Pinterest launched its ‘Pinterest Premiere’ ad option as part of the event, while it also showcased its updated conversion insights and Pinterest Trends tools.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest also shared usage insights, highlighting the rising interest in video content in the app, which it’s since worked to enhance through Idea Pins, Takes and more.

Yet, at the same time, Pinterest, overall, is not looking like as big an opportunity for marketers as it did back in March last year.

In its most recent earnings report, Pinterest posted its third consecutive quarter of declining user growth, dropping from 478 million active users in Q1 2021, to 431 million now. This comes at an inflection point for eCommerce, with most other industry reports highlighting the rise in online shopping, which Pinterest, with its focus on product discovery and purchase, should be riding to new highs.

Which it was last year, but now, it does appear to have lost its growth momentum. Which doesn’t mean you should just ignore it – 431 million people who come to the platform with shopping intent is still a significant, valuable audience. But with its user numbers declining, that does also suggest that people are not getting real value out of their Pin experience, which is a worrying sign.

Even so, there could be opportunity in Pins for your brand, and it’s still worth familiarizing yourself with industry-related search trends, and looking at what other brands in your niche are doing in the app to get a sense of the potential.

And maybe, a new feature previewed at Pinterest Presents might catch your attention, and highlight new opportunities for your marketing efforts.

If you are considering, or you’re already using Pinterest, it may be worth tuning in to get the latest updates direct from its executive team.

You can sign up to attend Pinterest Presents here, where you can also see when the event is happening in your local time.

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