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Pinterest Adds ‘Profiles’ Tab to Search Results to Better Highlight Pin Creators

Pinterest is looking to improve creator discovery with the addition of a new ‘Profiles’ tab within Pin search, which will highlight relevant creators related to any search term.
Pinterest profile search

As you can see here, the new ‘Profiles’ tab will help users locate specific creators, be it in searches specific to user names, or within topic and product categories.

Pinterest profile search

That’ll enable Pinners to find the top creators for each subject, which will help improve creator exposure, and further build their presence.

Pinterest initially announced the new ‘Profiles’ tab back in October, as part of its Creators’ Festival event, but it’s now being made available to more users globally, expanding discovery potential in the app.

Like all platforms, Pinterest is working to retain its top creative talent, and keep its most popular users posting more often, in order to maximize user interest.

Pinterest launched its $500k Creator Fund in April last year, an initiative that it’s expanding into 2021, while it also launched a Creator Rewards program in October, which offers incentives for creators to participate in variable challenges related to activity in the app.

Pinterest Creator Rewards

Again, with every platform competing for attention, all social apps are looking to provide the best incentives to better align prominent voices with their apps, and with TikTok and Instagram making big pushes into eCommerce, Pinterest is at risk of losing its top stars, if it’s not able to compete.

Which is why it needs to provide more tools, and more exposure potential, and this new search tab will help connect Pinners to relevant influencers and experts in any niche.

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Social Media

Pinterest is looking to improve creator discovery with the addition of a new ‘Profiles’ tab within Pin search, which will highlight relevant creators related...


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