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Peripheral-style Razer HQ boasts a store and a robotic barista

In a nutshell: Razer is one of the most popular and identifiable manufacturers of PC-related products in the world. Not only do its signature black and green colors and triple snake logo appear on a multitude of keyboards, headsets, chairs etc., but they’re also part of its regional headquarters building, making it look like a giant version of a Razer peripheral.

VR dev Kenji Iguchi (via Kotaku) highlighted Razer’s new Southeast Asia headquarters in a tweet. Opened in October last year, the building is located in One-north, Singapore’s technology and business hub.

“Standing tall as one of the most distinctive architectural landmarks in One-north, Razer’s new headquarters features an iconic black façade with acid green lines streaking across the building – a tribute to the brand’s instantly recognizable aesthetic,” writes Razer.

The building is especially impressive at night, though it does appear that all those green lights aren’t Razer Chroma compatible.

Razer has also decked out the interior with its green lighting and distinctive style. If you ever happen to be in Singapore, why not take a look inside at the country’s first RazerStore and check out the company’s new products.

2022 04 06 image 4

Visitors can also try out the RazerCafe, where they’ll be served coffee by a state-of-the-art robotic barista arm.

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2022 04 06 image 5

Workers at the HQ get to enjoy what looks like a pretty awesome break room that boasts a pool table and analog games. Even the offices themselves are packed with Razer gaming chairs for employees to use. There doesn’t seem to be any green lights in the actual workspaces, which is probably for the best.

2022 04 06 image 6

Razer in 2021 announced a 10-year commitment to going green (the environmental kind), complete with targets for carbon expenditure, recycling, and renewable energy usage. It aims to reach 100% carbon neutrality by 2030 and 100% renewable energy usage across its global operations by 2025.

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