Overcast gets its most requested feature and more in a big new redesign

The popular Overcast podcast player has a big new redesign out and not only does it look better but it’s also dealt with its biggest feature request, too.

Arguably already the best iPhone app for listening to podcasts — in my not-so-humble opinion, at least — Overcast is now better than ever with a newly redesigned version 2022.2 update. That update’s now in the App Store and ready for download and after spending a day or so with it, I’m confident you’re going to love it.

At the top of the list of changes is that oft-requested feature — the ability to quickly and easily mark a podcast episode as played. Now, a single left-swipe action on any podcast episode will mark it as played. There’s also a handy checkmark that you can tap if swiping isn’t your thing, too. You’ll find it in the center screenshot at the top of this page.

Developer Marco Arment says the second most-requested feature has also been dealt with here, too. There’s now a way to view all starred episodes via a new playlist. Other special playlists for downloaded and in-progress podcast episodes can also be created, too.

On top of that, we have a new look. Podcast fans can now change the overall tint of the app across both light and dark mode, while the whole app has a new font — San Francisco Rounded, if you’re interested. It’s a subtle change to my eye, but one that’s there nonetheless. It does seem more funsomehow.

There’s more, too. Here’s everything the App Store release notes call out:

  • Redesigned home screen, fonts, and many other elements throughout the app (other areas, such as the now-playing screen, will be redesigned soon)
  • Can now choose your own theme colors
  • Playlists can now have custom icons and colors
  • Playlists can now be reordered on the home screen by dragging
  • Added Starred, Downloaded, and In-Progress list options
  • Recent episodes are now displayed on the home screen, and can be long-pressed to preview
  • Podcasts can be pinned to the top of the list, and pinned podcasts can be reordered by dragging
  • Episodes can now be marked as “played”
  • Notifications are much more reliable
  • Links can now be opened in Safari

Arment says that “much is better in this update that I can’t even remember it all.” As far as updates go, you can’t really ask for more than that!

Those with Overcast already installed will find the update ready and waiting for them in the App Store. Everyone else can download it afresh now, Which you absolutely should do — it’s free to use with an optional in-app purchase available to those who want rid of the ads.

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