Oral-B adds a new iPhone-connected smart toothbrush to its iO range

Oral hygiene company Oral-B has announced its latest iO-series electric toothbrush, with the new iO Series 10 announced during CES 2022 and now marked as “coming soon” according to the company’s website.

While no pricing has been shared so far, the previous generations of these flagship electric toothbrushes tend to sell for around $300, so it’s fair to expect that this latest iteration isn’t going to be a cheap one. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your next toothbrush purchase.

That being said, there’s no denying that this is one snazzy-looking bit of kit, starting with that gorgeous look. And you can, of course, connect this thing to your iPhone for the ultimate in toothbrush cleaning. Seven different cleaning modes will be supported, including one designed especially for your tongue!

Oral-B says that the new iO Series 10 will be its”most advanced” offering and will feature “live guidance across 6 brushing zones to deliver a professional clean feeling and gum care unlike anything else.” Couple that with smart pressure sensors for improved pressure calibration and the fancy iO Sens Smart Charger and you could be excused for thinking the inevitably high asking price could be justified. It’s still early days though, so we’ll need to wait to be sure about that.

Oral-B isn’t saying when we can expect the new iO Sense 10 to be made available for purchase, but it’s definitely the toothbrush to look out for right now — especially if you’re someone who wants to know absolutely everything they can about their brushing quality and habits.

Anyone interested in bagging one of these things can join the waitlist right now. Will this turn out to be the best iPhone and toothbrush combo ever?

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