In Yandex.Market, you can now order a self-test kit for COVID-19 from the Russian laboratory Genotek. The results will be officially recognized in all regions of the country.


You can get the kit in 1-2 hours or the next day after ordering on the website or in the Market application. The courier leaves the parcel at the recipient’s door.

The cost of the set is 2990 rubles – for this amount the test will be delivered to the client, and then the test tube with the smear will be taken to the laboratory. The test does not have to be done immediately upon receipt: its validity period is 2 years.

After receiving the order, you need to register in Telegram-боте Genotek laboratories – indicate the number of the test tube from the kit and the passport data of the person who will be tested. Then you need to take a swab from the mouth, place it in a test tube and send it to the laboratory using a courier.

The same Genotek Telegram bot will help you to call it – you won’t have to pay extra for it. The courier may also ask to show the passport when handing over the smear.

Results in Russian and English will come within 24 hours after passing the smear to the laboratory. They can be seen in the Telegram bot,, and
Source: Yandex.Market press release


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