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Ola to take e-scooter to international markets this fiscal | Ola Electric will introduce e-scooter in the international market, the company will also bring electric car in future

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New DelhiOne hour ago

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  • CEO Bhavesh Agarwal said – India will be given priority
  • The company’s focus will be on scooter sales in European markets.

Ola Electric will offer its electric scooter ie e-scooter for sale in the international market. Ola chairman and group CEO Bhavesh Agarwal said that we will also introduce our electric scooters in international markets like France, Italy and Germany. The company is currently working on setting up a hypercharger network in the country. The company will launch its e-scooter in July this year.

To register a presence in the international market in the current financial year

Bhavesh Agarwal said that we will start from India soon. After that we will move towards the international market. According to Bhavesh, the company will remain focused on Europe. The company will have a presence in the international market in the current financial year itself. However, Ola has not yet given much information regarding the price etc. of its e-scooter.

Factory is being built in Tamil Nadu

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Ola announced the setting up of the first electric scooter factory in Tamil Nadu last year with an investment of Rs 2,400 crore. On completion of this factory 10 thousand jobs will be created. It will be the world’s largest scooter manufacturing factory. The manufacturing capacity of this factory will be 2 million units every year. Aggarwal said that the launch of the electric scooter is running under the line of Global Vision of Ola.

Scooters will sell in major markets of Europe

Bhavesh Aggarwal said that we will sell our scooters in all major markets of Europe. It has major countries around the Mediterranean Sea along with large countries. Bhavesh said that countries like France, Italy, Germany, Britain, Spain are very good markets. He said that being an Indian company, Ola would give priority to India first. But the company will also focus on exports and international markets. Aggarwal indicated that the company is also considering introducing electric cars in the future.

Hypercharger network can be used in four wheelers

The chairman of Ola said that the hypercharger network is currently being developed with a focus on two-wheelers. When we introduce our four-wheeler after a few years, this network can also be used for four-wheelers. Aggarwal said that Kovid has not shown a big impact so far. He said that there is no problem in setting up the factory or charging network right now. However, there may be a problem in the coming weeks.

Ola has also acquired Amsterdam’s company

Ola Electric announced last year the acquisition of Amsterdam’s company Atargo BV. However, the amount of this acquisition was not disclosed. Now the company says that Ola’s acquisition of Etargo has benefited from improving the engineering and design capabilities of the electric mobility space. However, Bhavesh declined to comment on the expectation of revenue from the electric vehicle business. He said that the company is confident that consumers will like their products.

Ola to install 1 lakh charging points in 400 cities

Ola Electric announced the creation of a hypercharger network in the country last month. Under this, 1 lakh charging points are to be installed in 400 cities of the country in the next five years. On this, the company will invest 2 billion dollars, about 14.9 thousand crores rupees. Ola plans to install 5000 charging points in 100 cities in the first 1 year. Ola’s electric scooter will be charged 50% in just 18 minutes. With this charging, the scooter will be able to travel up to 75 km. Ola’s charging point business district will meet with standalone towers at malls, IT parks, office complexes, cafes and other well-known locations.

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