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22 Next Level Advanced SEO Techniques

next level advanced SEO techniques

It is essential today, your website should rank high on Google SERP. if you don’t then you will waste your time, money, and a substantial amount of effort. In this post I will share with you the next level advanced SEO techniques that take your business to the next level.

I am sure you all know about some basic SEO techniques like on-page SEO and off-page SEO. In the on-page SEO, we optimize our entire website content with keywords for example we use keywords in our posts title, meta description, H1 H2 H3, and entire article 

Next Level Advanced SEO Techniques

Here are the top twenty two advanced future SEO strategies which you implement to your website and get rank high in search engines and drive more traffic to your website and generate more business sales.

#1. Search Intent/User Intent

It is also an advanced SEO technique in which we use Google My Business. It is a query that describes the user aim, basically, it included commercial, informational, navigational, and transactional, For example, 

if you are hungry and you want something cooks like noodles, now you’re searching on Google “quickly noodle recipe” and you want less than a 15-minute recipe

You will see the best results and you agree with the first one and click to visit the website. Quickly you realize it takes over 30 minutes so you rapidly go to the back search results and go with another one.

But this time you are satisfied because this results in a query that takes 10 minutes from start to finish which is exactly what you are looking for.

Why Search Intent Important For SEO?

it’s very simple to say, Goggle’s #1 goal is to eventually satisfy search intent. for the upcoming and current time, if you want to make your business successful, search intent is an essential part of your Digital Marketing.

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If SEO is the practice and most important for ranking a website on search engines, but the best practice of optimizing your content is search intent to match and associated with your targeted keywords.

#2. Voice Search

We are moving from desktop to laptop and mobiles to smart devices and we are also moving from pan to keyboard and keyboard to Gboard. Now, The time coming up in SEO is voice search.

With the Input search, you can talk like a normal person on your mobile or smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. You can ask your questions and these devices can answer but not show.

Think for a moment, Smart speaker shows Google search results with talk. So how many names will you keep remembering? It will be so difficult for you.

The time has come for voice search SEO. On the input search, your website must appear in the first position instead of the first page because voice search is increasing rapidly.

With the input search comfortable for those people who are not good at typing. From today, focus on voice search SEO and visible your business to these people who search with voice.

How to do Voice Search SEO?

The USA, the UK, and other high authority countries for local search use Siri for input search. You should be listing your business and submit your website to Google my business, Bing my business, and here maps

#3. Video Content

Another one is video content, it is the most currently popular and effective way to promote your business online and get more leads and sales.  Google loves video content because videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors.

You can use YouTube for your video marketing. it is the most popular place worldwide. the benefit of then YouTube when your video ranked in the top ten results. How to rank your videos on youtube?

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Here are the advanced YouTube video SEO techniques which you can use and quickly rank your video in the top results:

  • Find long-tail keyword
  • Optimized, Title, Tag, and Description
  • Use eye-catching thumbnails
  • Use the video embeds
  • Say your keyword in the video
  • Transcript your video in different Languages
  • Add transcript in the video description
  • Upload your video to multiple platforms
  • Use right formate

#4. Fast Page Loading

Google always prefer fast-loading web pages, it’s one the signal used by the algorithm to rank a website. Fast page loading is a crucial part of website usability, Google contains page speed its 200 ranking factor and this is one of those and it definitely improves the user experience.

The fast-loading page also helps to increase the website crawler rate, load pages fast more crawl and get ranked high quickly.

How to Speed Up Your Site?

There are many ways to increase your website speed, if you are using WordPress then you can use plugins like wp total cache and wp super cache. Honestly, I suggest you a premium plugin that boosts your site speed rapidly, and its called Wp Rocket

#5. Update Fresh Content

“Content is King”  If your content fresh unique, and high quality then no need to do anything like on-page or off-page SEO. Always write quality content around your focus keyword, don’t copy other website material Google hungry fresh and updated content.

Writing high-quality content should be an essential part of SEO strategies and it also helps to get more visitors to your website.  Don’t forget to update your old posts and properly interlinking them.

A good practice is, to write content around your targeted keyword, just answered users’ queries, no included extra useless content for making it long for high rankings.

#6. Mobile First-Index

We are currently hearing a lot about mobile-first indexing. it means Google uses the mobile version of the content for ranking and indexing.

if we explain in simple it is your mobile version of your website becomes the beginning point of what Google contains in its index.

If you check your website traffic in analytics there is increasing day by day on smartphones, and most web pages index in the mobile version. so you should have your website mobile-friendly

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In WordPress, you can install AMP (accelerated mobile pages) by Ahmed Kaludi plugin and make your site mobile friendly, you can also use mobile-friendly templates like OceanWp, GeneratePress, and Astra themes.

#7. Know Your Topic

Whether you’re writing on the latest technologies or financial strategies, you need to understand your topic and your audience. If you really want to create content that makes a difference and ranks successfully, there are a few things you need to consider before you start. The most important components to determine before starting are keyword targeting, length, and article type. You should analyze advanced articles for use as a guide and this is considered an advanced SEO technique.

#8. Long-Form Content

SEO trend is going to change rapidly and content strategy is the most important part, you should always write high-quality content at least 901 words, Google always hangry fresh and long-form content and they always rank long content because they find more information and you can also target more keywords.

#9. Satisfactory Content Preparation

Websites that publish two to three articles a week also increase their chances of ranking, and they get more traffic. Because they target more and more keywords that the audience searches for on a daily basis.

And frequency is one of the best ways to increase page views, another way is to writing marketing content to increase your backlinks. and people start trusting your site and also get a huge number s of conversions.

#10. Proper Keyword Research

When you do keyword research with the help of a tool for your content, these tools reveal many metrics of the same keyword, and the most important metric is keyword competition. It tells us how much competition the keyword we are searching for, how many websites are ranked on it,

If your website is new, and you can’t rank it on Google, you’ll need to change your keyword selection strategies, so always go for a low-competition keyword that is three to four words long and this is an advanced SEO technique that helps your site rank faster.

#11. Find Keyword Variations

These are synonyms (or very closely related) keywords. Try viewing different automatic results or searching for similar keywords, You can use an inline character to fill in the blanks (a neat little trick I want to use).

You can easily use this advanced technique in your SEO title, post title, and, meta description

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advanced seo techniques

#12. Create Backlinks/Referring Domains

For websites that refer to your website, this process is called backlinks. When you go to another site and leave a link and this link brings a user to your site when they click this process is called backlinks.

Backlinks are still considered the most important part of any website’s ranking, and there is no doubt about that. It will continue to be as important as it is now. So if you want to rank in Google soon, make sure you have backlinks too.

Now you know the backlinks, but now the question is how to make them? You’ve probably read a lot about creating backlinks from an authority website, whether it’s a comment, a guest post, or something else. But not at all. You should create all kinds of backlinks. Increase the number of referring domains for your website.

How to create Quality backlinks?

In Google’s consider, this is an important step in ranking any website. You may have heard a lot about quality backlinks, everyone says make ”quality backlinks”, but the question here is what are quality backlinks?

Creating links another websites that give your website link juice means generating some traffic to your site is called quality backlinks.

Now some people also say that backlinks should be created on high authority sites, but I don’t think so because I have experienced this.

For example, If you are creating a backlink on the DA 50 website and another one create on the DA 20 website, But the link you created on the 50 DA site is not getting you any traffic, But the DA 20 based site, you are getting clicks and you are getting some traffic, even if the traffic is low, this is the quality backlink for your site which helps to rank your site top on Google SERP. Always use advanced SEO techniques for your website and look at the market and implement on your site.

There are many ways to create backlinks for your website like comments, guest posts, profile backlinks, forms backlinks, and, social bookmarking.

The best and most beneficial way to create backlinks is to bring a user to your website without providing your site link. for example, if you are writing a comment on the post then write your site name without any post link to forced users to visit your site when a user finds your site on direct on google then this is highly increased your ranking.

Very few people use this advanced technique, while it is counted in the future SEO advanced techniques.

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#13. FAQ and how-to schema

Google gave us a great gift when they presented it in the search results. The FAQ schema gives you a lot of SERP real estate. You can’t always win it, and you can’t always win the how-to scheme, but when you do, it can definitely increase people or affect your click-through results. Can expand FAQ schemas.

This is not suitable for every page. You want to make sure that there are really those general questions on your pages. But there is a way, under the right circumstances, that you can increase clicks without increasing your actual Google ranking.

#14. Zero-Click Search

Don’t lose local search lists. Local SEO is important because of the steady rise of zero-click search, where top search results provide answers only through the SERP.

Many zero-click searches are local, so it’s important to create a solid backlink profile and set up a Google My Business account. This is also an advanced SEO technique and many capable bloggers use it, realizing the importance of it.

#15. Buyer-oriented content

Aside from any technical algorithm shifts, most of which are beyond your control, just make sure your content is searchable and buyer-oriented and not just “me-me-me” sales copy. ۔

Be there, be helpful and find your buyer to solve or fix. Instead of trying to outperform search engines, focus on your users. Your site will perform better and therefore rank better and this advanced SEO technique will also improve your organic traffic.

#16. Update your top-ranked Blog Posts

That is a straightforward rule. To retain its ranks, you must update your top pages constantly. There are hundreds of pages contending for one of the top slots for any keyword that you rank high on Google. So, when you don’t make sure your content is up-to-date and up-to-date, you’re going to lose the rankings all of the time.

#17. Create your local presence

Further local traffic by brushing up the local SEO’s fundamentals. Please ask customers for feedback, keep your NAP information constant and update your GMB profile accurately. One of the most powerful techniques for localized searches is to get backlinks on your Website.

As far as unstructured citations of local company blogs are concerned, in addition to common link destinations, such as structured citations (directories, review sites, profile links, etc).

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12 Toronto Experts’ Web Design Trends are an example of an infographic used in local marketing. This local SEO strategy used a comprehensive expert report and an infographic to raise the traffic to local landing pages by 63.64 percent.

Furthermore, infographics create 172 percent more backlinks than your traditional blog article and there is a very persuasive argument that they are part of your local connection construction strategy.

#18. Web Mentions

Web mention is an advanced SEO technique, in which you find users queries, which they ask on different platforms like social media, post comments, and forms, you can simply find those query which matches your content, and write the keyword of those content instead of post URL, that’s called web mention.

When the user write your query on google which you gave and the user finds your content, they open your site then in the eyes of Google, the trust of the site increases, and Google also boost your site ranking too. See example below image:

web mention

#19. Always Test Your SERP Results

Be constantly tested, and You may improve your SERP ranks if you make slight modifications to your original material. Things like modifying the heading, updating the description, or inserting numbers into the title will improve your score for the SERP. Experiment with popular phrases or keywords to make sure your audience is looking for that sweet spot. For example, it helps to drive users to the material by adding terms like “close me” and “reviews.”

#20. Check Broken Links

There is nothing more aggravating when you look for something than finding a link that doesn’t work. You can use web tools like, SEMRush, and Screaming Frog to check and clean broken links. These programs will crawl across your website, detect your broken or rotten links and enable you to correct them manually.

Links broken, 301 redirects or 404 errors affect not only the visibility of your consumer but also your SEO. Fix these issues quickly if you have these on your site! Solving problems like these may lead rapidly – sometimes a little over two weeks – to beneficial results.

Pay attention to URLs

This simple, yet powerful change can make a huge difference in your site’s rank as well as the user experience. It is crucial that both the user as well as the search engine can understand URLs. The page URL should contain content-related names. This will allow the search engine to find the page and associate it with its content. You should stop calling the page ‘Page 1’ and using numbers such as ‘/page/1234.

You should also note that robots.txt can be used to block unimportant and irrelevant URLs. This will help search engines find specific pages on the website and reduce confusion

Dont Write For Google

New business owners often load their websites with keywords in the hope of increasing their page rank. It is important to include keywords on your site, but it is even more important to write quality content that page visitors will enjoy reading. Your page rank will automatically improve when you begin writing content that is relevant to real people. Google is more interested in quality content than keyword-heavy content. One of the top SEO agencies in Melbourne, also believes that people-focused content will help build trust and improve user experience.

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Some New Advanced SEO Techniques:

Find Untapped Keywords on Reddit

Reddit has become a very popular place to share interesting content and link back to your website. However, there is a lot of competition on Reddit for page one, as users are constantly posting new links. To get your post on page one, you need to acquire a large amount of upvotes.

Reddit is a great source of traffic, but it’s not nearly as easy to use as other social media networks. It takes time and patience to get good at Reddit. You have to learn how the site works, figure out which subreddits you should focus on, and learn how to optimize your content for SEO.

The most important part is learning how to find untapped keywords on Reddit that will help you grow your blog. Once you know what these are, then you can create a content strategy that revolves around getting traffic from Reddit alone.

Compelling Title and Description Tags

Title and description tags are the first thing people see when they find your blog on Google. The title tag, specifically, is one of the most important elements in SEO because it’s what shows up in search results. So you don’t want to just slap any old thing into these spots!

A lot of bloggers just use the post titles as their descriptions and that doesn’t really work all that well. You need to pay attention to keywords and try to be as descriptive as possible without being too long winded. It can be difficult, so we thought it deserved a little more discussion.

A marketing strategy for getting your content to appear at the top of search engine results. In order to do this, you need to make sure that every piece of content you publish has a great title and description tag.

Many people believe that the title and description tags are created separately from the body text of their article. However, this isn’t true. The title tag should be written in the same way as the rest of your blog post. Make it interesting and relevant so that users will want to click on it when they see it

Optimize Content For Maximize Social Shares

Social media sharing buttons are a great way to increase your site’s social reach. But they only work if you use them correctly. If you want to make sure that people are clicking on your links, it’s important that you optimize for social shares.

We’ve all seen the viral posts that get shared over and over again. You may even know what “ingredients” make up a viral post. But do you know how to optimize your content for maximum social media sharing? Simply put social share button inside of your content and when you publish your post then also post on social media platform at the same time.

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Keep in Mind The First Link Priority

The first link priority rule is to focus on content marketing. Content marketing is a little more involved than simply creating great blog posts for your site because you need to plan out the content in advance, write it consistently over time, promote it appropriately, and measure its success.

However, if you follow this rule by focusing exclusively on content marketing, you will be able to create an SEO strategy that ranks high in Google. This strategy will also produce quality leads because of the unique value that your company provides through your blog posts.

You should do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t. If your blog traffic is going up, keep doing what you did to get there. If it isn’t going up, find out why and switch gears.

Use Semantic SEO Techniques

Content is king, and content optimization is queen. But what does that even mean? If your content isn’t optimized for search engines, you aren’t going to get the traffic you want. It doesn’t matter how many people like or retweet your posts; if nobody sees them, they won’t do anything for your brand.

Blogging expert Neil Patel says

‘’optimizing your content for search engines can increase traffic by up to 55%. With numbers like that, it would be silly not to optimize your site especially since Google owns over 65% of the internet market share and has’’

The most recent Google algorithm update, focusing on RankBrain, has changed the SEO game. One of the most significant changes is how search engines interact with semantics. A website’s ability to use semantic keywords in content has become more important than ever before.

Semantic SEO is about understanding what your users are searching for and matching their intent by using targeted keywords in your content. It’s also about creating content that provides real value to your audience and ranks organically based on the merit of quality over quantity/spammy tactics. Semantic SEO is all about relevance and user experience, which leads directly


So, SEO is most important for every entrepreneur, it helps to grow your business, and is more visible to clients. From today, Prepare yourself for future SEO strategies and implement them on your website or blogs. I hope you will like these effective next-level advanced SEO techniques thank you.

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