MyTarget advertising platform launched automatic price control tool to get the maximum number of ad impressions within a given budget. The new feature will help users to invest more effectively in promotion and reduce the time spent on setting up campaigns.

This strategy will allow advertisers not to manually adjust the bids to optimize costs, but to use machine learning algorithms that will help you make the most efficient use of the budget to reach relevant users.

The new strategy will suit advertisers looking to reach the widest possible audience. It will also make it easier for newbies looking for easy campaign management.

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The first tests of the tool in myTarget showed that campaigns with automatic price control gave on average 10-15% more impressions per ruble spent than campaigns with manual bid control.

Advertisers can either create new campaigns or switch existing campaigns to automatic price management. To do this, in the “Price and audience reach” block, you need to select optimization by impressions, pay for impressions, and also select “Automatic price control”.

When setting up a campaign, you need to set the advertising broadcast period and set the budget – daily or total: in the latter case, the system will divide the budget by the total number of campaign days and determine the daily budget on its own.

To optimize costs, advertisers will be able to limit the hours of advertising during the day – for example, display ads from 9:00 to 19:00. In addition, if necessary, the bid can be limited from above so that the system does not buy impressions more expensive than the specified CPM.


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