More than 2,500 people have mastered new professions at the Yandex Academy this year

More than 2,500 people have mastered new IT professions at the Yandex Academy this year.

Yandex trained over 2,500 people in new professions in 2021

Yandex Academy helps schoolchildren and students who are fond of technology to master the demanded IT professions according to programs developed by the company’s experts.

The Academy unites several educational projects:

  • Yandex Lyceum – pupils of 8-10 grades learn the basics of industrial programming. Now, according to Yandex.Lycea programs, they study at 372 sites in 169 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. This year more than 2 thousand people graduated from it.
  • Joint Yandex programs with universities – for applicants from all over the country who have already decided on the direction and want to develop in the field of IT. 477 students have graduated from joint programs this year. More than a thousand applicants will be enrolled in the fall.
  • School of Data Analysis (SHAD) – for those wishing to become world-class specialists in the field of data science. Since 2007, more than 1,000 students have graduated from ShAD. A third of the graduates who completed the two-year program have worked or continue to work in Yandex, the rest – in the largest IT companies (Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple) and leading research centers.

Elena Bunina, CEO of Yandex in Russia:

At the Yandex Academy, we create opportunities for the development of IT specialists: Yandex.Leceum, our university programs and SAD are forming a single educational trajectory designed for schoolchildren and students of different ages and levels of training. We build educational programs and figure out how to scale them: we initiate joint projects with universities, we help launch educational sites in different cities. We share our expertise and use experience and resources to qualitatively improve the educational environment in Russia. Only in this way, by investing in a common cause, can the development of the economy, industry and society as a whole be supported.

Recall Yandex.Market plans to engage in the delivery of medicines.

Source: Yandex press release


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