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Microsoft Teams brings its Walkie Talkie app to iPhone and iPad

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Microsoft Teams has become more integral to the way people stay in touch during the pandemic and Microsoft says that it wants to make sure that technology can “reduce stress and system friction.” As part of that goal, it’s making the Teams Walkie Talkie app available to everyone who has an iPhone or iPad to hand.

As that name suggests, the change means that an iPhone or iPad can be used as a walkie-talkie of sorts, with users pushing and holding a button while they talk. When they’re done talking they take their finger off the button and allow someone else to talk. It really is like the walkie-talkies we used as kids except now instead of talking to your friend down the street it’s Bill from accounting.

Microsoft made the announcement via a larger blog post that outlined a few more changes that the company hopes will help people out. If you’re a heavy Microsoft Teams user — commiserations! — now might be a good time to learn what Microsoft has in store.

Don’t yet have Teams installed? You can get it from the App Store now and it’s completely free. It’s also the number one app in the business category, so it must be doing something right.

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