Microsoft has announced Windows 11

Microsoft has introduced Windows 11. The new version of the OS will receive an updated Start menu and support for applications on Android.

What’s new

  • The design will change. In Windows 11, the Start menu and taskbar will be located in the center of the screen. Users can slide the panel to the left if desired.

Windows 11

  • There will be new tools for multitasking: docking layouts, customization and quick switching between desktops, etc.
  • Microsoft Teams will be integrated into the new OS version.
  • Internal search will change. The system will be able to search results on the computer and on the Internet.
  • A page with personalized widgets will become available.
  • Support for Android applications will appear. You need to download them through the Microsoft Store.
  • Xbox Game Pass members will be able to access high quality games.
  • There will be performance improvements in Windows 11. The size of updates will be reduced by 40%.

Windows 11 will be available within a year. Microsoft will continue support Windows 10 through October 14, 2025.

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