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Mainvest Lets You Become a Local Business Investor For as Little as $100

How cool would it be to invest in the success of small businesses across the country — and get a piece of that success yourself?

That’s what a company called Mainvest is doing to make it easy for people living all over the country to invest in small businesses and earn passive income.

Instead of fronting a ton of cash to invest in some global conglomerate that doesn’t affect you at all, you can invest in local small businesses that you can personally benefit from, too.

And all you need is $100 to do it.

The ‘Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too’ Investment Strategy

When you invest in a local business through Mainvest, like Lil Mama’s sandwich shop in Chattanooga, or Provision Coffee Roasters in Phoenix, you’re investing in real small business owners.

For as little as a $100 investment into a local small business like a brewery, cannabis business or bakery, you may earn returns quarterly as the business grows, thanks to your investment.

And if you live locally, you can sip, eat and shop to support them, too. It’s a double-dipping situation when it comes to helping your community.

Finding your next Main Street, USA investment is simple on the Mainvest website. You can sort opportunities with filters like location, industry and minority-owned shops. Each business’ page has information about their story, goals, milestones and more, so you can make the right decision about where to invest your money.

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Earn Up to 3x Your Money*

Just because Mainvest works with small businesses doesn’t mean the potential for returns is small.

Offerings often target between 10% and 20% IRR on your investment (that’s a fancy-sounding way to estimate how much money you could make back).

For example, Ivyee’s Everything Honey in Boston, MA offered 1.5 times returns on investment. So if you had invested $1,000, they would have shared their quarterly revenue with you until they paid you back $1,500.

Some investments offer other perks for their investors (in addition to earning money!) like invitations to grand openings, branded merchandise or even free pizza for a year.

Growing your investment portfolio with Mainvest is a great opportunity to build passive income. When you sign up for a free account, link your bank account and choose your first local investment, you could earn money every quarter from the small businesses you support  in your community.

*All of the investment opportunities on Mainvest contain risk and it is not guaranteed that any investment will generate a return. Only invest if you can afford to lose your entire investment

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