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Lost your Intel Inside sticker? Get a new one for free

PSA: Intel runs a program to send Intel Inside stickers to anyone without one that has an Intel processor. So if you’ve got a spare spot on your case or laptop for a shiny little holographic decal and you’d like one, why not ask?

Intel has run this program as part of the Intel Inside scheme for a long time, but it’s now come to the forefront of the Intel fandom after a Redditor sought to test it, His processor didn’t come with a sticker because it was second-hand, but fortunately, Intel was happy to send him one.

According to the Intel Processor Label Replacement Request Form — yes, there’s a dedicated form and landing page — you only need an invoice or receipt as proof of purchase. Failing that, a screenshot of the processor’s ID within the Intel System Support Utility will also suffice.

Intel will send you the appropriate sticker, be it Core i7, Pentium, Xeon, or whatever else, within a matter of days, according to Redditors. If you live outside the US, there might be an import tariff to the tune of about a dollar.

Most chipmakers have stickers of some kind or another, but the Intel Inside program is the original. It was started in 1991 and was one of the first attempts by a hardware manufacturer to build a brand name for itself among the general public. At the time, analysts thought people weren’t interested in what was inside their computers.

But Intel executives loved it and gave the program a $250 million budget to be divided up between Intel’s own ads and deals with OEMs to add Intel Inside branding to their marketing. By 1992, over 500 OEMs had joined the program.

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And the rest is history. Intel is reported to have shrunk the program over the last five years — though not publicly, so to what extent is difficult to gauge — but you can still find their stickers on all sorts of stuff.

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