All industries have been impacted in some form by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the full, flow-on effects still churning through, and likely to cause ripples in the global economy for decades to come.

Some of those changes, of course, have been more direct – the rise of remote work, for example, and the shift to new models of operation. That’s had immediate impacts on people’s career prospects, while the increasing adoption of eCommerce has accelerated demand for online promotion, and skills in the same.

Which is the focus of LinkedIn’s latest infographic. Analyzing the key shifts in marketing over the past year, LinkedIn has provided a new overview of major changes in the marketing sector, including areas of demand, top skills, locations, etc.

As per LinkedIn:

Marketing has been reshaped dramatically over the past 14 months or so. Demand is shifting. Geography is lessening in importance. Inter-team dynamics are being reconfigured as marketing professionals adapt to remote work and distributed colleagues as the norm.”

Of course, those in the sector already know this, but the below infographic provides some additional info on these shifts, which could impact your career.

You can check out LinkedIn’s full report here.

LinkedIn marketing evolution infographic

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