LinkedIn Launches New Campaign to Highlight the Importance of Representation in the Workplace

LinkedIn has launched a new promotional campaign which aims to highlight the importance of diversity in the workplace, and providing more ways for people to express themselves in their professional lives.

As you can see in the clip, the main focus is on gender pronouns, which LinkedIn added as an optional profile listing back in March.

LinkedIn gender pronouns

Since then, LinkedIn says that more than 6 million users have added their pronouns to their profile display, an important step in establishing a more open, inclusive workforce.

As per LinkedIn:

Almost 50% of job seekers in the U.S. say they’re more likely to be their authentic self in how they show up in the workplace compared to a year ago. And we’ve seen these conversations happen around the world in our LinkedIn community, as our members reconsider their priorities and relationships with work and life, and reclaim that being professional really means creating inclusive spaces and culture to honor each other as who we are, so that we can bring our unique experiences and perspectives to the table.

The new campaign is part of LinkedIn’s broader ‘What Does it Mean to be Professional’ push, which explores how the modern workforce is changing, and the shifting expectations, and opportunities as a result.

It’s an important initiative, in highlighting these key shifts and how to ensure that all employees feel safe to be their authentic selves. And with LinkedIn now playing a key role in connecting people to opportunities, and maximizing professional representation, it’s important, also, that the platform takes a lead role on such, in order, ideally, to change perceptions of work, especially as we move into the new, post-COVID landscape.

With this in mind, right now is the point in time where we can implement significant change in the approach to professionalism and workplace relationships, as new norms are being established, in a range of ways.

Which is why this is a timely, valuable new push from the professional social network.

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