LinkedIn Explores the Latest Shifts in Marketing Careers as a Result of the Pandemic [Infographic]

The post-pandemic landscape is shaping up to be significantly different to our pre-COVID conditions – maybe not in a day-to-day sense for many, but in terms of broader shifts and changes in attitudes that have had a major impact.

Approaches to our career, and work/life balance, is one key element, and in a new series of posts, LinkedIn is exploring the impacts of the pandemic on how people are looking to advance their situation, and make a change as a result of new conditions.

Are you looking to work from home more? Have you changed careers? Maybe it’s time to re-assess your options, and consider what businesses are now looking for in the new environment.

There are some interesting notes to consider – you can learn more about LinkedIn’s full 2022 Marketing Jobs Outlook study here, but in the infographic below, you can take a look at how marketers have been impacted by the pandemic shifts.

LinkedIn Great Reshuffle study
LinkedIn Great Reshuffle infographic

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