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Life insurers seek to ease policyholders’ COVID jab concerns

18 October 2021

Seven life insurance providers with more than 14 million customers have launched an initiative in support of the national COVID-19 vaccination program.

The “We Have You Covered” program aims to reassure Australians that getting jabbed will not affect their existing cover, access to getting a policy in future or making a claim.

It also says that any rare serious side effects from approved COVID vaccines that meet the terms and benefits provided under a customer’s policy will be covered.

“Through this initiative, [insurers] are cooperating to provide confidence to customers and the community around approved COVID-19 vaccines and their life insurance products,” the insurers say in a joint statement.

The insurers behind the initiative are AIA Australia, ClearView, MetLife, MLC Life Insurance, Resolution Life, TAL and Zurich.

A website,, is available as an educational resource for the community.

“Collectively we felt it was important to provide anyone who was unsure about the impact of being vaccinated on their life insurance cover or ability to access cover in the future, confidence that as an industry, we have them covered,” TAL Group CEO and MD Brett Clark said.

The insurers are also co-funding a multi-channel media campaign to reach out to as many Australians as possible.

“Where customers have questions about the impact COVID vaccinations could have on their policy, we feel now is an important time to set the record straight, particularly as we want to encourage as many Australians to get vaccinated as possible,” MLC Life Insurance CEO Rodney Cook said.


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