LG expands production capacity as talk of a future OLED iPad continues

Apple was just last week said to be mulling the idea of an OLED iPad with Samsung possibly being the company tasked with building the displays. Now, LG Display appears to be throwing its metaphorical hat into the ring as it expands an existing OLED manufacturing plant to increase its capacity.

According to a new report by The Elec, LG Display’s Paju, Korea plant is set to grow following a KRW 3.3 trillion ($2.7b) investment.

LG Display is going to expand its small and medium-sized OLED plant in Paju. Small and medium-sized OLEDs are part of the KRW 3.3 trillion investment strategy that was announced last year. If core equipment is installed, 6th generation OLED production capacity will double by 2024. It is expected to mainly be used as a supply chain for Apple mobile and tablet panels.

That mention of tablet panels is an interesting one when you remember that Apple doesn’t currently sell an OLED iPad. Notably, the report goes on to say that “OLED application to iPads will also begin in two days” which suggests testing is almost underway. Last week’s report suggested that an OLED iPad could have Samsung’s displays inside by 2024 — could LG Display beat it to the punch?

It isn’t exactly clear which iPad we’re talking about here, but iPad Pro makes the most sense. Apple currently uses mini-LED but has previously been rumored to have designs on OLED for that application. An OLED iPad Pro would surely be the best iPad in terms of display quality and contrast.

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