Leaked slide confirms Intel Arc Alchemist memory configurations

In context: Intel Arc Alchemist mobile GPUs should be coming out soon, but Intel hasn’t shared much about their specifications yet. However, a leaked Intel slide has recently started making the rounds confirming some rumors we’ve been reading about the upcoming laptop SKUs.

The leaked slide titled “DG2 Graphics Memory configuration” has found its way onto the Internet through HXL, a known leaker with a good track record. The slide has a table briefly detailing the specifications of five DG2 NB (notebook) SKUs, which may or may not be the same as the desktop SKUs.

First, we have the DG2 SKU with 512EUs, which supports up to eight 2GB memory modules (16GB of VRAM) clocked at 16Gbps. Thanks to the 256-bit memory bus, bandwidth maxes out at 512GB/s. I/O voltage for this SKU is set at 1.35V.

Then, we have the DG2-384EU SKU, capable of carrying up to six 2GB VRAM modules for a memory capacity of 12GB. The I/O voltage checks in at 1.35V, and the memory is clocked at 16Gbps in a 192-bit memory bus, maximizing the bandwidth at 384GB/s.

In the middle of the lineup, there’s the 256EU SKU with 8GB of GDDR6 memory (four modules of 2GB) running at 16Gbps. A maximum bandwidth of 256GB/s is achieved using a 128-bit memory bus. Like the 512EU and 384EU SKUs, the I/O voltage in this one is also set at 1.35V.

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Last but not least, we have the 128EU and 96EU SKUs sharing the same memory configuration. With up to two VRAM modules (4GB total) clocked at 14Gbps, they offer a maximum bandwidth of 112GB/s using a 64-bit memory bus. Unlike the other SKUs, their I/O voltages are set at a lower 1.25V, hence the lower memory speed.

Just because the table shows five SKUs, it doesn’t mean there will only be five mobile GPUs. For example, Nvidia uses the GA 102 SKU to power the RTX 3090Ti, RTX 3090, RTX 3080Ti, and RTX 3080 12G/10G, some RTX workstation (A4500, A5000, and A6000) and professional (A10 and A40) graphics cards, and even a mining card. So, expect to see more than five mobile GPU options once they release.

In related news, a SiSoftware Sandra result of Intel’s supposedly flagship desktop GPU was recently found in the benchmark database. According to these results, the Intel card is on par with an RTX 3070Ti. Who knows? Maybe these results can be replicated in the laptop format.

Image credit: HXL

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