Latest beta of iOS 15.4 includes anti-stalking changes for AirTag

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Source: Joe Keller / iMore

The next release of iOS will bring with it some important anti-stalking updates to Apple’s AirTag item tracker.

Today, Apple released the fourth developer beta of iOS 15.4. As spotted by MacRumors, the latest version of the beta includes the new anti-stalking measures for AirTag that Apple announced earlier this month.

The new setup screen for AirTag will warn users that “using this item to track people without their consent is a crime.”

“You can locate this item using the Find My network. Using this item to track people without their consent is a crime in many regions around the world. This item is designed to be detected by victims and to enable law enforcement to request identifying information about the owner.”

The company is also working on an update that will more clearly state when an unknown accessory is detected, an issue that has affected AirPods and caused confusion for users. The update also offers changes to how users customize their AirTag notifications.

Apple also said that it would address a bug that was causing confusion around unwanted tracking, a change that is also likely in the new beta. AirPods can cause an “Unknown Accessory Alert” warning that some people were interpreting as a notice from an AirTag. AirTags are not able to display the “Unknown Accessory Detected” messaging, which is caused by AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, third-generation AirPods, and in some cases, a Find My network accessory.

We have confirmed the messaging changes are in the current iOS 15.4 beta, and Apple has also made some other minor tweaks as well. In the Find My app, there is no longer an option to toggle off “Item Safety Alerts,” with Apple instead offering “Customize Find My Notifications” and “Customize Tracking Notifications” options.

Later this year, Apple is also working to make AirTag alerts louder and bring Precision Finding to AirPods. The new developer beta of iOS 15.4 also added a new voice for Siri.

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