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Landscaping Maintenance Best Practices For Businesses

Tammy Sons is the CEO of TN Nursery and an expert plant advisor who studied Horticulture. She enjoys her family, the outdoors and nature.

The year 2022 is upon us, which can only mean one thing: warm summer weather is right around the corner. And it’s vital for businesses to maintain a professional exterior in addition to an exceptional interior all year long. After all, a customer will first notice the outward appearance, or the landscaping and the building design, before they ever step inside your office.

Through my discussions, I’ve found that there are a lot of simple—but necessary—steps that far too many company leaders overlook when it comes to landscaping. Here are a few to keep in mind:


One of the biggest things companies don’t often overthink is pruning. Note that this is an entirely different tactic from hedging when working with something like a bush in your yard.

Essentially, you need to know which plants to prune and which plants to hedge to maintain proper growth. If you (or your landscaping team) end up doing either one incorrectly, you’ll only find yourself spending more time outside, and your plants will continue to get unwieldy as well.

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Along the same lines, mowing the lawn is a topic that I find many businesses somewhat misunderstand. They think the only time they need to mow is “when the grass gets too high” or when they don’t like the sight of it. Especially as the temperatures continue to rise, this isn’t true.

Yes, your company’s lawn will be mown likely on a weekly basis, but it also needs to be done so carefully. Don’t follow the same paths and patterns with each mow, as you’re only going to damage the grass under the weight of your lawnmower. Instead, make an effort to alternate patterns to encourage as much growth as possible.


Have a proper mulch bed around all your plants and trees. For starters, this acts as an essential protective layer that will go a long way toward preventing damage from any mowers, trimmers or other pieces of equipment that you might be using. Remember that if you knick a plant with your trimmer in the wrong location, it might look fine today, but you could be looking at a much bigger problem down the road. More than that, a mulch bed can help nourish your plants and trees all year long, making sure they look their best.

Tools Of The Trade

It’s always recommended to make sure you’re using the right equipment for the right task at precisely the right time. Pruners, trimers, mowers—they all have their place. But those places are certainly not interchangeable. Make sure you or your landscaping crew understand what the best tool is for the goal you’re trying to accomplish to give yourself the best shot at success moving forward.

Favorable Plants

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Below are some best plants to use around offices that are low-maintenance:

1. Perennials: These are perfect for borders, walkways, flower beds or gardens with borders around office complexes. Perennials, unlike annuals, also return each spring and never have to be taken up for the winter season.

2. Flowering Trees: Spring-blooming choices like cherry trees, plums and flowering dogwoods offer a pleasing aroma as well as beauty in the warm spring months.

3. Evergreen Conifers: Use these trees for elegance and year-round beauty. When most plants lose their foliage, these stay nice and green, even in harsh winter weather.

4. Shade Trees: Oak and maple trees are fast-growing and offer shade in areas near concrete or pavement.

For businesses, I advise purchasing these types of bare-root plants, as they are lightweight, affordable and easy to plant. Bare-root plants ship for a lot less than shipping containerized plants and are easy to install. Additionally, no heavy equipment or landscaping professionals are needed to incorporate these plants.

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