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Instagram ‘is no longer a photo-sharing app’; will focus on creators, video

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram has posted a video on Twitter which reveals that the company is focused on bringing new video-based features to the platform. Mosseri said that Instagram will focus on creators, video, shopping and messaging. He also made it clear that ‘Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app.’

“The number one reason that people said they use Instagram is to be entertained,” he revealed and the company plans to lean into that trend. He also acknowledged that there’s a lot of competition in the space, from TikTok, YouTube and others.

He confirmed that Instagram will soon start showing some content in feeds, which a user might not be following yet, and that they have begun testing this. Topics will also let users decide, what content they want to see more of and follow on the platform. Instagram will also focus on full-screen, immersive mobile-first video, according to Mosseri.

The app is also said to working on a new feature called “Exclusive Stories”, if recent reports are to be believed. The new feature will allow users access to their favourite creators’ stories. The feature seems to be related to paid subscriptions which will allow access of creators’ stories only to fans.

Exclusive Stories has been revealed in several screenshots, and Instagram has also reportedly confirmed the existence of the upcoming feature. The feature is said to be in development and is being tested internally.

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Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently announced that the company is working to release a host of new features including features pertaining to support creators with regards to monetisation on the platform.

Software developer Alessandro Paluzzi has shared screenshots of the new feature on Twitter which gives us some insight. The screenshots suggest that when a creator posts a story meant only for ‘fans,’ these stories will show up with a purple icon.

The story will only be accessible for paid users. A dialogue box will appear stating the same, similar to the icon that shows up when you share stories with your close friends list. If you are a Creator, you will also have the option to save Exclusive Story as a Highlight. The new upcoming feature seems to be similar to what Twitter introduced with Super Follow recently and what sites like OnlyFans and Patreon offer.


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