Whenever you create a new website, the biggest problem is to get in traffic and that’s what causes everyone trouble. In this post, I will show you how to increase new website traffic organically fast and free. If there is no traffic to your blog, you will not be able to rank on Google and you will not be able to make money from it.

That’s why everyone is trying to increase their blog traffic and use new strategies.

If you have an online eCommerce store but customers don’t come to your store. The presence of customers is very important for any online business. They will only come to your store when they found information about your online business, and that is only possible if your website or blog ranks in search engines.

If you want to increase new website traffic organically and learn the best marketing strategies to increase new website or blog traffic fast and free this post is really helpful for you

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11 Ways To Increase New Website Traffic Organically

Here are the best 11 ways to increase new website traffic organically which is fast and free simple and unique strategies, You can implement your blog or website and get quick results even get ranked high in search engines.

 Always Go With Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are playing a vital role in ranking any website or blog. Choosing long-tail keywords increases your chances of ranking in SERP. When you use a long-tail keyword in your article, even short keywords also get ranked.

Before deciding your focus keyword for an article, four things keep in mind

  1. Definitely, it should be a long-tail keyword three or four words
  2. it should be low competitive
  3. Its should be a low difficulty (under 30)
  4. Google search results below 500,000

Long-tailed keywords are longer, and these are more specific keyword phrases that visitors like to use more. They also increase the voice search ranking, and that makes it a double chance to increase new website traffic organically

Basic On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the most ranking factors to get rank high on Google to increase the new blog or website more traffic organically. We’ve been working on off-page SEO for the last few years like backlinks, social bookmarking, and other techniques. But this is not the case at present, The SEO is totally have changed

Nowadays you have to pay more attention to your content strategies. Always write high-quality content that attracts visitors and optimized them for search engines with basic on-page SEO. Follow these steps which help your website  ranking and increase new website traffic organically

Include Keyword in Title, Url, description, h2 0r h3 and in the begging content of your page 

 Popular blogger Interview

You will know many famous bloggers who like to share their experience and knowledge with new bloggers. This is also a great way to brand your blog or website and attract visitors to your website. You can contact them by email and request an interview.

Publishing interviews with the names of any popular bloggers increase the trust of your website and users like to read and share it with interest, and this way your website traffic grows very fast.

Create Video For The Same Topic

Video marketing another best way to increase new website traffic organically. Many people like to watch videos instead of reading an article for queries answers. When you write a post for your blog then you should also create a video with the same topic.

The best place for video marketing is YouTube. Create a YouTube channel. Now, You can make a video on your specific topic and upload it on YouTube and give the link of this blog post in the description of the video.

Use Push Notification

Web push notifications are messages that are sent to your browser who have you subscribed. When you publish a new post on your blog, then a user which subscribe to your blog gets a clickable message when they open the browser.

It works just like you would see push notifications on your mobile phone. It is one of the best-advanced ways which is used by almost every pro bloggers to get increase new website traffic organically.

If you create your blog in WordPress then you can use the OneSignal plugin to add this additional functionality to your website and increase your blog traffic.

You must use this method to notify your visitors of new content so that they keep coming back to your website.

 Social Media Branding

It is also the fastest method to increase new website traffic organically, We can’t call it organic because Google only considers visitors that come directly from Google to be organic, but we still get visitors very fast. Write high-quality content for your website and also include your posts links.

Always try to help peoples which is to ask thousands of questions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms. You can also join groups and solves people’s problems. Keep branding your website with new methods and new content every day

Update Old Articles

Many bloggers make this mistake, they do not update their old posts. Due to which the ranking of this post also comes down, obviously when there is no post rank then where will the traffic come from?

So always keep in mind, don’t forget to update your old posts, so that his ranking is maintained and you drive more traffic and also increase new website traffic organically

High CTR Title

People make a lot of mistakes in the title of their post, they just write common keywords in their title. Often new bloggers ignore the title, which means they don’t get many clicks on those articles which are ranked on Google. If there are no clicks, the ranking of this post will also fall

If you want to increase organic traffic to your website or blog, you need to make your posts attractive in the title like the below image

increase new website traffic organically


This is an example of a bad and good title, A good post title should be at least 60 characters long and headlines words between eight and twelve, and if you add numbers, it’s more unique and appealing

The eye-catching title attracts visitors, and it forces them to click your post link which appears on Google and you quickly increase new website traffic organically.

Write For Users

I say the same thing over and over again, always write unique content which contains high-quality and copyright free. Often, people copy other blogs or websites content or use it by spinning, which does not benefit them at all. When those visitors try to read your post, they don’t understand and they leave your site. Google also does not understand such content.

So, always write plagiarism free content don’t spin or copy, Write articles in your own words which are human friendly. Always write for users, not for search engines, and also care about keyword stuffing. Google is always hungry for fresh content, trying to Write fresh content

These essential tips help you to increase new website traffic organically fast and also helps to rank high in search engines.

Write Guest Post Similar Blogs

It is a proven strategy to increase your blog or website traffic by 200%. This is the best technique to target your favorite audience. You can persuade them to come to your website through your content and you can tell them how you expert in your industry so they should read your content.

Guest posts not only increase the traffic of your website but also get quality backlinks too because those websites who accept the guest post allow writers to include a backlink to their blog in exchange for this content

So, this is another pro method to increase new website traffic organically which also helps to rank your website in SERP. There are many free and paid platforms available which accept the guest post like Medium, HubPages and Hubspot

Write On Trending Topics

When you think of writing a new post, the topic becomes the biggest problem for you and especially for those who have no experience. If you want to increase new website traffic organically fast then turn trending topics into an attractive blog post.

You can find trending topics on Google Trends because they all controlled your blogging success. you can simply write your keyword and their trend.

Writing content on topics that people are currently searching, you can quickly increase the number of traffic on your website

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