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THOSE affords us to take a look at the products and services from companies big and small. While we weren’t in person this year, that didn’t stop of from seeing gadgets and accessories that drew our interest. From intriguing MagSafe products to a plethora of HomeKit devices, there was a lot for Apple fans to love this week at CES.

Here are all the winners of our Best of CES 2022 awards!

Best of CES 2022

Chipolo CARD Spot

chipolo card spot

Find My wallet.

In 2021, Apple introduced some updates to the Find My app that allowed third-party manufacturers to take advantage of Apple’s built-in item finding network. While we’ve only seen a handful of such products come out since then, CES 2022 has introduced a few new accessories to the mix. Chipolo, which launched a Find My-friendly version of its One tracker last summer, is following that up with the CARD Spot. The 2.4mm-thin tracker is meant to be placed in your wallet and is IPX5 water resistant. Chipolo is claiming that the CARD Spot will have a two-year battery life, and like the One tracker, it works with the Find My network.

Belkin Soundform Immerse

belkin soundform immerse earbuds

Do not ping while in use.

Belkin’s new Immerse earbuds are the latest addition to the Soundform line, and also the company’s latest earbuds to support Apple’s Find My network, making them easy to find if lost. The buds feature active noise cancelation (ANC), and come in at $179.99, or just about the price of Apple’s AirPods 3. Belkin says that the Immerse will see up to eight hours of playback time on a charge, though it’s unknown as of yet if this time counts when ANC is on. You can also stretch that battery life by an additional 24 hours with the included charging case before the case needs to be charged. The Soundform Immerse will go on sale later this year.

SCOSCHE BoomCanMS Portable Speaker

scosche boomcan ms

Magnetic sound.

There have been a number of interesting MagSafe accessories that have rolled out since its introduction with the iPhone 12, but SCOSCHE’s new speaker might take the cake. The BoomCanMS is a small, circular, Bluetooth speaker that attaches to your iPhone via MagSafe. While there’s no special connective magic on the audio side of things, the BoomCanMS supports Bluetooth 5.0 for quick and reliable connections, and the ability to pair with a second BoomCanMS wirelessly for stereo sound. You’ll be able to pick up the speaker this spring at an impressive $39.99 price tag.

MOFT Smart Desk Mat

moft smart desk mat product render

Work anywhere, easier.

MOFT’s new Smart Desk Mat is “smart” both because of some technology inside, but also because it’s fairly clever. This mat, which utilizes magnets to attach and position various included accessories, serves not only as a mat, but a stand for your various gadgets. It can hold your mobile devices, iPhone, Apple Watch, and even your iPad as a second screen, off to the side while you work, or serve as your main workspace and laptop stand. Two NFC points in the mat are programmable for a variety of functions, such as activating focus-oriented apps or an iOS Focus mode. You’ll be able to get your hands on the MOFT Smart Desk Mat soon from $158 from MOFT.

Aqara Thread Door and Window sensor and Motion sensor

aqara motion sensor

Following the Thread.

Aqara, the maker of a number of HomeKit-compatible automation devices, has announced its first set of Thread-compatible devices at CES 2022. Thread is a low-power wireless communication protocol meant for home automation and other Internet of Things devices. Importantly, it’s a crucial component of the Matter home automation interopobility standard, set to launch later this year. Aqara’s new Door and Window sensor and Motion sensor will play nice with older HomeKit devices, too, and are set to ship in the back half of 2022.

Eve Outdoor Cam and MotionBlinds

eve outdoor cam

More HomeKit love.

Eve has a long history of HomeKit support in its automation devices, and there are two more to add to its roster: the Outdoor Cam and the Eve MotionBlinds. The Outdoor Cam, launching in April for $249.95, has a sleek design and support for HomeKit Secure Video built right in. It captures in 1080p at 24fps, with a viewing angle of 157 degrees. It’ll stand up to the elements, as it’s built with IP55 dust and water resistance. The Eve MotionBlinds, on the other hand, blinds that support easy setup through HomeKit, as well as Thread, with future support for Matter promised. Eve Motionblinds are available now through select Coulisse window covering resellers.

Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell

wemo smart video doorbell

All-weather eye on your home.

Where in the past you might often struggle to find great HomeKit accessories, these days it seems there’s a new camera, thermostat, or light with support for Apple’s home automation system everywhere you look. Case in point, Belkin’s new Wemo brand will soon offer its new Smart Video Doorbell to customers. Supposedly coming sooner than Eve’s new offering, the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell also supports HomeKit Secure Video, and records video witha 4MP high-resolution sensor at a 178-degree viewing angle. You’ll be able to pick up the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell soon for $249.99.

Beat Encode Plus

schlage encode plus

Keys in your Wallet (app).

Despite its announcement last summer, we have seen a lot about smart lock companies embracing Apple’s new protocol for secure wireless house keys, until now. Schlage has announced the Encode Plus, a smart lock with support for digital keys stored securly on your phone. You can add your digital key to the Wallet app, much like you can with the digital keys for select cars. You can also add your key to your Apple Watch, meaning that your phone can just stay in your pocket as you tap your wrist to open your door. Like Express Transit and digital car keys, digital house keys will also work for a while after your devices run out of power. You’ll be able to pick up the Encode Plus this spring for $299.99.

Movano Ring

movana ring

Keep on moving.

If you’re looking for a sensor-packed fitness tracker that’s less bulky than an Apple Watch, the Movano Ring might just fit the bill. The ring monitors a several metrics, such as heart rate, heart rate variability, and steps to offer a complete picture of your health through its companion app. The Movano Ring will connect changes in these metrics with changes in your activity showing you the beneficial results a recent uptick in exercise has had on your sleep patterns, for instance. You’ll be able to get the ring later this year in black, copper, silver, and gold options, for a price yet to be disclosed.

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