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How To Optimize The Quality Score For E-Commerce PPC Ads

By Jonathan Maxim, an app founder, growth marketer and yogi nerd working at K&J Growth Hackers, serving Xfinity, TikTok, U.S. Dept of State & more.

An ad quality score is a Google Ads metric that affects your ads’ cost per click (CPC). A higher ad quality score means you can achieve more clicks on your ads for the same budget and improve your return on ad spend (ROAS). E-commerce businesses can use the ad quality score to determine the CPC for online ads and discover the most effective ads for their PPC strategy.

Many factors determine your overall ad quality score, like user experience, the relevancy of text in your keyword and the historical performance of your site. If you look forward to improving your ad quality score, you can take the following five steps to determine what works best for your e-commerce business.

1. Conduct comprehensive keyword research.

Keyword research helps you develop a list of the most searched queries relevant to your ad group. A perfect combination of relevant ad groups containing similar keywords can improve your quality score.

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Not every keyword related to your industry is relevant for your landing page and audience. By conducting keyword research, you can identify the most valuable keywords that can drive more traffic to your site or improve your quality score.

If you want to create more relevant ads with keywords, you should first check your search query reports and focus on long-tail keywords because they have a higher chance of converting. Another tip is to make your headlines reflect your primary keyword.

2. Use several relevant ad groups.

From the start of your digital marketing campaign, you should adopt the most effective strategies. To improve your ad score, focus on ad groups.

Develop ad groups with a targeted message to distinguish between the actual advert and the search. Create several ad groups that relate to your keyword if you want to boost your online visibility. Having scarce ad groups makes it hectic for users to find you online.

Pick the most relevant and logical terms or keywords for your targeted group. Using target keywords for specific ad groups can boost your ad quality score and rank high on inorganic search results.

3. Optimize your landing pages.

Your landing pages should deliver the promise on the adverts if you want to drive more traffic to your website and improve ad quality score over time. The statements on the ad should be relevant to those on the landing page. For instance, if you promise a discount on the ad, the landing page should have something to cover this so that users can establish authority and trust in your brand.

Google feeds users with relevant content based on their search queries. Some users are more specific on the search query. In that case, if they mention an exact product on the search query, Google will award a higher quality score to all advertisers with adverts that reference the search query.

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If you want your adverts to reach a larger audience, consider optimizing your landing page to relate to the most frequent search from your target groups. You can improve your ad quality score by designing a landing page with the information users are looking for on Google.

Here are more tips to optimize your landing pages:

• Avoid generic landing pages.

• Boost the landing page loading time so that it opens up faster and users access the content.

• Ensure the content on your landing page relates to that on the ad.

• Improve your site speed by publishing downloadable images and videos.

• Avoid publishing content that makes your site slow.

• You should only provide useful, relevant and original content on your site.

• Ensure that your landing page designs are on point with your brand.

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4. Improve ad click-through rate (CTR).

Ads with a high CTR have a better quality score, and Google uses the click-through rate to award the best ads. You can apply the most effective ad testing strategy to establish the most relevant advert that improves your CTR.

Create at least two unique ads for each ad group and test them until you find one with positive results. It would help improve your quality score in stages as long as you optimize your adverts for more clicks.

When improving your CTR, you should not “fool” or spam your audience. Develop ads that match your landing pages, and this means when users click on your ad, they should find the information they are looking for on your landing page.

5. Test your ads to identify the reason for the low-quality score.

Another tip to improving your ad quality score is to test your ads regularly to find out the elements that are impacting your ad quality score. You can check keyword relevancy, CTR, landing page relevance and ad title to determine how these elements affect your ad quality score.

Once you understand how these factors affect your score, you can take the proper measures to improve them. For instance, if you have a low score because your keywords have irrelevant content, work on creating audience-centered content for your adverts.

Key takeaways

If you want to boost your ad quality score on Google, you should work on the quality of your landing pages. Make the content on your adverts relevant to the landing page, avoid spamming users and conduct keyword research before creating your content. Lastly, ensure that you maintain relevancy and originality in your ads to beat the competition. Quality score is an essential metric to help your e-commerce business get the maximum value from your PPC ads investment.

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