How to Keep Your Mac Clean and Fast in 2021

The BuhoCleaner cleans junk files on Mac computers.

If your Mac is slow, your computer could need cleaning.

This BuhoCleaner review gives more information about this popular Mac cleaner.

Let’s dive in and find out how the BuhoCleaner speeds up your Mac.

BuhoCleaner Review: Keep Your Mac Clean & Fast

Although macOS is lightning-fast and well-optimized, months of use and abuse often slow down the operating system. Junk files build up in the background, duplicate files and large files fill every corner of the system, you have leftover files from uninstalled apps here and there. Your Mac performance suffers while the operating system feels a lot slower than it ought to be.

How to clean up disk space on your Mac? A Mac cleaner and optimization app like BuhoCleaner will most likely do the trick.

Introducing BuhoCleaner for Mac


BuhoCleaner is for those who are looking for software to clean and speed up their Mac. It aims to provide a streamlined alternative to Mac cleaning apps like CleanMyMac while retaining advanced functionality.

Unlike other apps performing similar functions, it doesn’t come with unnecessary gimmicky features meant to bloat the software and make you pay more. The main focus of the app is to make your Mac faster. BuhoCleaner works even great if running on the latest version of macOS (Big Sur).

The app also takes advantage of the latest Apple M1 chip to deliver up to 3x processing speed than that on the Intel machine.

Core features of BuhoCleaner:

  • Clean up Mac junk in one tap
  • Complete App uninstall
  • Duplicate and large files removal
  • Startup item management

Flash Clean

The main feature of BuhoCleaner is to clean up junk in one tap. For a Mac with 500GB SSD, the scan only took just 19 seconds for me. And that goes to show how fast BuhoCleaner is.

Buho Cleaner

When the scan is complete, the app displays how much space can be reclaimed and a Smart-selected recommendation of files to delete. Of course, it’s safe to trust the Smart-selected option, but you still have the option to view and choose what to delete and things to keep. If you want to delete unused DMG files, you can select them without any problems.

If Safari and Google Chrome are slow on your Mac, you can also use BuhoCleaner to clean the Browser Cache to speed them up.


Hitting the Remove button cleans up your Mac. You should get more disk space right away.

Complete App Uninstall

Although macOS gives you an easy way to uninstall apps by just deleting and moving them to the Trash Can, this doesn’t mean you’ve completely gotten rid of the app. There are times applications leave some leftovers behind. How to Remove Mac Leftover Files? BuhoCleaner can easily fix this for you.


Large and Duplicate Files Removal

BuhoCleaner lets you free up space with the Large Files scanning module that scans all folders and checks for files above a specified size.


The duplicate files finder module also does an excellent job at discovering files that appear more than once on your mac disk storage.


Startup Items Management

When you install certain apps, they are automatically programmed to start running the moment you turn on the computer. It means that they start using your processing power and RAM even when they are not needed, further slowing down your Mac.

The Startup Items Management module displays and lets you manage apps that startup with your Mac. You can easily disable them using just a toggle.



BuhoCleaner costs only $19.99 for a single license. Compared to other apps performing similar functions, this is quite affordable. Besides, you don’t have to pay for an upgrade; once you buy a license, you have access to unlimited upgrades for a lifetime. BuhoCleaner is also recommended for Mac developers who will benefit from the Xcode cache cleaner. Get it today!

Clean Junk Files on Mac: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean Junk Files From My Mac?

BuhoCleaner works to clean junk files on Mac computers.

How Do You Clean Up Files on a Mac?

BuhoCleaner cleans junk files on Mac computers.

Wrapping Up: BuhoCleaner Review

Readers, please share so Mac users who need to clean junk files on Mac computers learn about the features of BuhoCleaner.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have any experience with this helpful Mac cleaner?

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