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Online Business Success

How To Keep Your Content Relevant In The Crowd

When it comes to content, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. More websites go active every second, and users consistently flock to search engines, looking for whatever’s on their minds at that moment. Amid all the chaos, your brand needs to hit page one in the search results and give users enough information to entice them to click on the link. It’s a tall order.

Keeping your content fresh in an increasingly large crowd of purveyors and consumers can be challenging. If you fail to maintain or raise your ranking, you might as well abandon the effort of creating content altogether. The alternative—keeping your content updated, relevant and accurate—will be infinitely better for your company’s bottom line. Here’s how you can elevate your content to raise it above the crowd.

Keep Your Content Up-to-Date

There are two basic types of content: evergreen and trending. Evergreen content is meant to withstand the ever-changing news cycle. Trending content may be relevant today and not tomorrow, but that’s OK. It capitalizes on extemporaneous keywords and long-tail searches. But just because evergreen content has a much longer shelf life, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require a little sprucing up now and then.

There are several strategies you can use to keep your evergreen content updated. Try translating it across multiple channels. Link it to the news of the day, but only if that news is connected to the content. You’ll still capitalize off of the backlinks the content has already established so long as you keep the site live while making updates. The update itself should boost its page rank.

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Don’t neglect to check your tech as well. Make sure content links are opening in the right place and uploading rapidly without glitches. Keep tabs on algorithm changes and update content to conform to them. Whatever you do, make sure the content is optimized for mobile devices and voice searches, as more and more consumers are employing them.

Trending content is flash-in-the-pan by design, and creating it well will keep you in front of your audience. Make sure you capitalize on it by linking it to evergreen content. Keep your evergreen content updated in context and technology, and you’ll be looking down at the forest from your towering tree.

Keep Your Content Relevant

You know that only those who find your content relevant are going to stop to take a look at it. How do you know what’s relevant to them? You have to not only know your target audience, but also keep up with it.

Remember that existing and potential customers are looking for companies that focus on their wants and needs and can solve their problems. Your task is to deliver that message in your content consistently, even when what the customer is looking for isn’t consistent at all. Challenging? You bet. Impossible? Absolutely not.

Monitor digital chatter on your company’s social media accounts, as well as those of your competitors. Listen to what your target audience is talking about and create content that engages them in a timely conversation with your brand. Don’t overlook the potential of using content tools that can help gather useful data and provide insightful analysis in real time so you can respond accordingly.

The products and services your brand offers may not change often. But translating them in a way that continues to make them relevant to audience members in perpetual motion is the way to stay on their radar. Give your customers the content they crave, and you’ll be a beacon in an increasingly dense wilderness.

Make Sure Your Content Is Accurate

Accuracy matters in a world plagued by disinformation, baseless claims and bald-faced lies. Nothing disengages me from a website or digital article faster than inaccurate statistics or unsubstantiated claims. For your content to be relevant, it must be credible, and to be credible, it must be accurate.

When you’re freshening up your evergreen content, take the time to update statistics and examples. Not only will you make it more relevant, but you’ll also avoid sending readers to another source that features more current information. Once readers leave you for another source, they may not come back. Taking the time to check, verify and update information is well worth the effort.

Overlooking the accuracy of company information on your website, social media accounts, Google business listings and other digital spaces is a rookie mistake. Make sure information about your business is current and that branding is consistent across all channels. This includes physical, digital and email addresses, telephone numbers and other basic information.

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Accuracy is a prerequisite for building trust among your target audience. Outdated information or obvious errors will damage your credibility, and with it, confidence in your brand. You’ll have trouble establishing the trust necessary to attract audience members and keep them loyal. Accuracy does, indeed, matter.

You can’t avoid the crowded field of content creators, so it’s imperative that you figure out how to get your brand seen and heard. Content that’s current, relevant and accurate can make that happen. It may be a tough job to give your content constant attention, but that’s what will make your audience sit up and take notice.

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