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How to Easily Find the Most Profitable Blog Niches in 2021, 2 Ways

most profitable blog niches

Are you here to find the most profitable blog niches?

You are in the right place.

This guide shares how to pick a blog niche and the most profitable blog niches.

Not all bloggers look to monetize.

Many lifestyle bloggers enjoy the writing and the community feel blogging brings regardless of any income.

However, if you are interested in making money, this guide on the most profitable blog niches is for you. By reading this article, you will discover how to choose a niche and find the most profitable blog niches.

Let’s dive in and learn about the most profitable blog niches.

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How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog

Even if you don’t realize it, the niche you choose for your blog will determine its long-term success. It is something that will help you find the target audience, as well as products you may need to offer to ensure its success. And it will help you stay more focused as you start to plan out your business and schedule.

You can also use the niche to help you plan marketing strategies. The niche will make or break the success of the blog but getting there is often a challenge. Luckily, choosing one will help you achieve your dreams of being a writer.

Getting into Blogging

Before you start your blog or even begin thinking of a niche, you will want to consider the financial side of starting this new venture. It is not as expensive to start a blog as it is to start a full-fledged business, but there are still some expenses to think about. For example, you will likely need to pay web hosting fees for the site. And getting the blog set up can be costly as well. Plus, you can expect to spend something on search engine marketing to bring in your audience.

If you don’t already have a great financial life, you might want to get your finances in shape before spending money on your new venture. One way of doing that quickly is by taking out a loan from a private lender. That way, you can use the funds to get your finances in order, even if it just means paying off other, higher-interest debts.

Understanding Blog Niches

Once you have created a plan on how you will pay for everything, you will need to understand what niches are. These often relate to interests or products appealing to specific people.

It is easy to choose a broad category, such as crafting or even sewing, but you need to narrow it down. That is especially true when you are just starting out. A more specific niche in that category might be “hand quilting” or even “historic quilts.”

Each post will relate to this niche, allowing you to get more in depth into each topic. You are not just reaching out to people who like sewing or crafts, as you are looking for those who are interested in quilts made in the past.

Considering Your Interests

Start by thinking of your hobbies, passions, and other areas of interests. You can list those out, leaving plenty of space below them to elaborate more. Then you can think of specific categories based on these parent topics. It is often best to write about something you are passionate about or that you already know something about. Your passion will get you through when you don’t feel like writing.

Your blog requires valuable content and publishing quite a bit each month will help you keep up with readers’ demands for content. When you are passionate about your subject, you will make more time for it, allowing you to learn enough to publish your new posts.

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Readers want you to solve their issues, and if you have experience with them yourself, you can show your readers you understand their issues. When you write about things you understand, you will be better prepared to relate to each reader, creating a better connection.

Based on the topics you are interested in, add a few more specific ones that you already have some knowledge about. You do not need to be a topic expert, but you just need to have a better than average understanding. You can also do your research to educate yourself on that topic.

But no matter which one you pick, you will want to think about whether you can make the niche into a blog. Are you able to come up with one year or more of posts around that general topic? Narrowing things down is great, but you don’t want to make it so narrow that you do not have enough to say.

Narrowing Things Down

If you don’t know how to narrow down your niche, consider doing some keyword research. There are keyword planners out there that will help you understand other keywords that relate to your topic of choice. Then you can determine which keywords you would want to use on the site.

You also use that to determine the potential for profits. That way, you will be able to make money off of your idea and the relevant products you could offer around that.

Ubersuggest is a popular keyword research tool. Here is an tutorial. There are also many free and premium Ubersuggest alternatives you can use to find your keywords.

How to Find the Most Profitable Blog Niches

Looking at the Potential for Sales

This is where you should direct your focus if you are interested in the most profitable blog niches.

You’ll want to look at the the niche’s selling potential. You can run it through the search engines of larger retailers, hunting for courses and books. These are some of the more common products sold by bloggers.

If your site of choice allows it, try sorting your results by ones with the most reviews. Look for the number of reviews each product has. If some seem to have more reviews, it might mean they sell faster.

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Of course, a specific niche might be popular because it has a lot of competition. The good news is there are extensions you can use to find metrics like domain authority and page authority. See which sites have the highest domain authority. The ones that rank higher are more difficult to compete with.

Try finding the approximate domain authority for each topic. Just try to avoid video results since some video sites are popular enough to have an extremely high domain authority, skewing your results.

The MozBar is a free Chrome extension that tells you the Domain Authority Ranking of any website. Here you will find instructions on how to get into MozBar.

Look at Instagram

If there is interest in your niche, your monetization potential goes up.

With one billion people at Instagram, you can easily find what interests people in 2021. There are many pros and cons of Instagram, but this is definitely one of the advantages: You can easily see market trends.

For instance, humor is rising in popularity. There are over 7.2 million followers of the account. However, just because humor is popular, doesn’t mean it’s one of the most profitable blog niches.

According to the blog niche list, these are the most profitable blog niches:

most profitable blog niches

You only need to take one easy step in order to find the most profitable blog niches using Instagram:

Narrow down your list. Go to Instagram and check out the popularity.

In the search bar, type the name of the niche you are knowledgeable and passionate about.

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Go to the Instagram search bar and type the niche that fits this description one at a time. Click Tags.

For instance, I am knowledgeable about finance and marketing. I checked both. #Marketing has 54.8 million posts. #Finance has 9.8 million posts.

According to this method, I stand a greater chance of making money in the marketing niche. This would be the one of the most profitable blog niches for me.

Follow this strategy to discover the most profitable blog niches for you.

Most Profitable Blog Niches: FAQ

How do I choose a profitable blog niche?

Fashion, food, beauty, finance, health, fitness, and marketing are the most profitable blog niches. Which of these are you most knowledgeable about? Go to Instagram and type in the niche you pick and click Tags. That will tell you the popularity and therefore the chances of making money from the blog niche.

Which types of blogs make the most money?

Fashion, food, beauty, finance, health, fitness, and marketing are the most profitable blog niches.

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Wrapping Up: Finding the Most Profitable Blog Niches

In closing, this post shared two methods for finding the most profitable blog niches: look at reviews and look at Instagram.

It is sometimes hard to narrow down your list to just one niche, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with that area for the rest of your writing time. You only need to be able to establish yourself as an authority in the field.

Then you can start to branch out to something different, establishing a better revenue flow. Then you can start adding some more niches to the blog as long as they relate to the first one.

Further Help:

If you need more comprehensive instruction on making money blogging, the Mostly Blogging Academy offers affordable courses.

Authors: Janice Wald and a Contributing Author

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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