How to Create Successful Advertising Articles

On July 1, at 11:00, Yandex.Zen will webinar about creating successful advertising articles on your site. It will be useful for marketers, executives, authors, editors and anyone who prepares and orders content for promotion in Zen.

Zen will host a webinar on creating successful advertising articles

On average, users spend 45 minutes a day in Zen, reading articles, including advertising. Therefore, in order to launch an effective advertising campaign, it is important to know how to prepare quality content.

The webinar will tell you:

  • What is text in Zen and how does it differ from texts on other sites.
  • What elements should be in the text, and what can be used in Zen.
  • What are the types of texts in Zen.
  • Where to get content.
  • Why the brief is important.
  • How to design publications and work in the editor.
  • Life hacks from Zen editors.

Participation is free, registration is required.

Recall Yandex.Directory will enter in Yandex.Business and will change its name.

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