How to choose the right fight stick for your Nintendo Switch

Fighting games have been around since the arcade days of gaming. When playing modern fighting games on Switch, you have a wide array of controller choices. From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, getting a fight stick to play the way fight games were initially intended to be played may be a game-changer.

Hori Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Fight Stick

The top of the line:
HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick

Like so many other Hori products, the Pro V prides itself on being officially licensed by Nintendo. It’s far and away from the most expensive fight stick, but it’s also the best-reviewed. The buttons respond well, and the Hayabusa stick (familiar to anyone who has used a Hori fighting stick before) has a great feel to it. The cable is 10 feet long, so you shouldn’t have any issues with the distance from the console. This is probably the closest you can get to mimicking a proper arcade cabinet in your home.

$150 at Amazon

Powered by Arcade Stick Nintendo Switch

Our favorite:
PowerA Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch

The PowerA Wireless Arcade Stick isn’t strictly a fight stick but gives the arcade feel of the classic fight style. This stick has Bluetooth capability, or it can be connected via USB-C. It’s even easy to customize and make your own with a downloadable template for face card prints to put under the removable clear cover.

8bitdo Fight Stick Switch

Ultra moddable:
8Bitdo Arcade Stick for Switch

If you’re looking for customization on the controls, the 8Bitdo Arcade Stick is the pick for you. You can button map the buttons however you like. In addition, the arcade stick is also moddable. This is not only compatible with Switch but also PC.

$90 at Amazon

Mayflash F500 Fight Stick Nintendo Switch

Midrange price with compatibility:
Mayflash F500 Controller

The Mayflash has multiple models, and on the more expensive end is the Mayflash F500. It far outstrips even the Hori in compatibility, working with PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360, PC, Android, and the Nintendo Switch. It also supports headsets but unfortunately not on the Switch. The F500 is larger than the F300 and has a lot more weight to it. The buttons and stick are responsive and easy to mod if you like. Pick this if you don’t mind paying a bit more to use one stick across multiple devices, including the Switch.

$89 at Amazon

Mayflash F300 Fight Stick Nintendo Switch

Budget price with compatibility:
Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick Joystick for Switch

For those who like the Mayflash but don’t necessarily need headset support and want to pay a bit less, the F300 is a good option. It is not as expensive as the F500, is just as sturdy as its more expensive cousin, and has the same compatibility. Really, the main differences are that the device, on the whole, is smaller, and it doesn’t have headset support on non-Switch devices. If you’re only planning to use the fighting stick for Switch, this is a fine, less expensive choice.

$55 at Amazon

Our pick

While there may not be a huge variety in Nintendo Switch fight sticks available, there are enough with different options to fit what you like. If you want to be on top when playing the best fighting games on Nintendo Switch, this may be just what you’re looking for. For comfort and quick response time, the HORI Real Arcade Pro V is a top choice. To get something that will work for any arcade classic, the PowerA Wireless Arcade Stick.

There are a few great options for more budget-friendly picks too. The Mayflash F500 isn’t too pricey and can be used on so many consoles. Although it’s a little more difficult to find, the 8Bitdo Fight Stick is a great budget fight stick with a lot of customization ability.

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