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Online Business Success

How This Entrepreneur Teaches In Order To Sell

Gillian Garcia launched her line of hair care products, Ju Poppin, in March 2020. As the pandemic set in, she (like a lot of other entrepreneurs) had to pivot to stay relevant. When salon’s started closing down, Garcia decided to focus on teaching her clientele how to take care of their hair at home. She saw an opportunity to accelerate the marketing of her products to target the exact issues that many were facing. She used her clietelle’s challenges to create educational content for them.

With 124,000 YouTube subscribers and 139,000 Instagram followers to date, Garcia has used educational content creation to be the catalyst to selling her products.

Educational Content

“Despite getting started right as lockdowns were implemented, demand was high for Ju Poppin,” says Garcia. “Creating high-quality content such as before and after videos, educational videos, sourcing videos and testimonial videos all attracted customers to purchase. Even after the worst parts of the pandemic passed, my platform and reputation had become large enough that sales remained high.”

Garcia’s clientele began to associate healthy hair with her and because her videos get so much traction, she was able to join the Creator Studio on Facebook which places ads in her videos and brings in over $10,000 a month in revenue for her business. Creating videos that taught her clientele how to care and style their hair built trust with her personal brand and her products.

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Social Proof

“All of our products are made from raw materials and blended locally using the highest quality ingredients to ensure great results that customers will love. This has lead to hundreds of reviews within weeks of launching for every product. This social proof helps not only sell more, but also build exposure beyond the website and allowed rankings on Walmart and Google to generate more sales from these social signals,” notes Garcia.

Social proof is sales gold, do whatever you can to capture reviews, testimonials and feedback. Try and get it in all mediums as well, written, audio, video, etc.

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Building Trust

Teaching your audience something new or valuable is one of the key components to building trust. Garcia has found another avenue to build trust and that’s through wholesaling. “Another great way for expanding product sales is to not only sell to retailers, but wholesalers as well. Enabling salons, companies and stores to carry the products, where customers can see our products in their trusted local vendors in addition to online with massive number of reviews and testimonials– not only improves the brand but also allows a beautiful synergy for maximum trust and sales,” says Garcia.

“My philosophy is stay true to your values, create great content and customers will follow. In addition to maintaining customers by giving them engaging and impactful media,” notes Garcia. “The most important thing in the age of content creation is the importance of being truthful and educating others, even if this means talking about other brands. While my products are extremely high quality, I’m not afraid to refer customers to other brands if mine isn’t best option for their situation.”

Ultimately, Gillian’s shares that she feels that content should be used for a variety of purposes, from product sales, to education, to entertainment. Her platforms teach us that genuine passion, when backed by effort, goes a long way.

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