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How It Impacts Success And How To Turn Fear Into An Advantage

Brian Cristiano is a top business and success strategist and the creator of BOLD CEO.

Fearing failure is a very common way business owners shoot themselves in the foot. Not only can this fear take a major toll on their business potential, but it can also be completely soul-crushing. Moreover, I’ve found that there isn’t a better way to block your own odds of success and crush personal fulfillment than to fear failure.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should try to eradicate fear from your life. In fact, I believe learning how to harness the energy of fear can actually set you on the right path to both success and fulfillment. In my work coaching and consulting business leaders, I see this happen frequently.

That being said, I’m going to outline some of the key consequences of fearing failure, which can impact both your business and personal lives. If you want to avoid these consequences, then learn how to turn fear into an advantage by making it work for you!

When you are afraid, your team can become afraid too.

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Fear is energy, and energy is palpable. Therefore, when you’re afraid to fail, your team members will probably pick up on that energy, and they may start to fear failure too.

In this scenario, it doesn’t matter what you say or how capable your team members are because that energy has the power to trump both words and abilities. You might say that you’re not afraid, and your team might be more than capable of achieving all of your goals, but radiating fear could crush the power of those words and abilities.

What started out as a single fear inside of you has all of a sudden multiplied. Before you know it, you and your entire team could start to fear failure.

When your team is afraid, prospects may lose confidence in you.

Have you ever walked into a sales meeting for a pitch with a potential business partner and been completely captivated by one of their salespeople? Was there just something about the person that completely pulled you in and made it nearly impossible for you to take your eyes off of them?

If so, you were likely witnessing the energetic power of confidence; I believe this is the energetic opposite of fear. Unfortunately, if you and your team are fearful, it can be impossible to radiate confidence. With the overpowering energy of fear, you won’t have that same intriguing effect on your own prospects.

Instead of captivating them, it’s likely your prospects will feel your fear and lose confidence in you and your team’s abilities. Again, we see that regardless of the words you speak or your abilities, energy can trump everything.

In the end, nobody wins.

So, you felt fear, and it infected your teammates and prospects. As a result, not only does everyone feel the weight of fear, but you also don’t get the opportunity to help your prospects achieve their goals, nor do your prospects get their problems solved.

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Thanks to fear, nobody wins. Therefore, stopping the fear of failure at the first sign is of the utmost importance. More specifically, I’ve found it’s about turning fear into positive energy that plays to your advantage.

Use fear to your advantage.

Remember, fear is energy. Not only is it energy, but it’s a basic emotion rooted in our human nature that will never completely go away, nor should you want it to go away.

Why? Because energy, including that of the fear of failure, can be transformed into a new kind of energy and directed into a channel that will actually boost your success and fulfillment.

Moreover, you can transform the energy of fear into the energy of a more positive emotion, such as excitement or joy. To do this, the next time you start to feel fear creep up from behind and try to prevent you from taking action, simply take action despite the fear. Once you take action, use that energy to keep pushing forward.

Far too often, entrepreneurs sit around thinking of ways to overcome fear instead of taking action. Not only does this not accomplish anything, but it often makes it even more difficult to press forward. The longer you wait to overcome fear, the harder it can get to actually overcome it.

Therefore, spring into action the moment fear begins to set in. Once you’re going through the motions, you can put that energy into action. By doing so, not only will you instantly feel relieved, but your team members and potential customers will start to feel that energy. As a result:

1. Your team, clients and you may feel more positive.

2. Potential customers are more likely to feel confident in you to solve their problems.

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3. You get the opportunity to help others and feel fulfilled doing so.

You have much to lose by allowing fear to manifest itself. On the other hand, you have everything to gain and to give by transforming fear into something positive. From now on, forget about the idea of eradicating fear. This doesn’t work to your advantage, and it can be impossible. Get fear to work for you so that everyone ends up more successful and fulfilled in the end.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind the idea that people remember how you make them feel, not necessarily what you say or what you do. I think this easily explains why fear, particularly the fear of failure, can be completely success- and soul-crushing.

From now on, instead of trying to eradicate fear, transform it into positive energy that you can use to captivate your prospects. At the end of the day, you only have two choices: to feel fear and let it crush you or feel fear and use it to your advantage. Which will you choose?

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