Forgot your debit card? How HDFC Bank account holders can withdraw cash at ATMs

A debit or ATM card is normally required to withdraw cash from an ATM, but that is not always the case. Cash withdrawals without a card are now possible from an HDFC Bank Savings Account, according to the bank’s website. This feature allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs in a secure and convenient manner without the need for a bank card.

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As HDFC Bank tweeted, “Forgot your ATM card? Don’t worry, HDFC Bank Cardless Cash is digitally yours with 24-hour service to withdraw cash from any ATM.”

Here’s how you can use the Cardless Cash feature to withdraw cash from HDFC Bank:

  • The beneficiary visits HDFC Bank ATM and selects Cardless Cash (option will be displayed in IDLE loop screen)
  • Select the language
  • The customer will be asked to enter the following details in a sequential manner

a) OTP

b) The beneficiary mobile number

c) Nine digit order ID

d) Amount of the transaction.

Once the above details are validated the cash will be disbursed by ATM.

Cardless cash withdrawal requests can be submitted for a minimum of Rs100 and up to Rs10,000 per day, or Rs25,000 per month, for a beneficiary, according to HDFC’s website (The limits may be subject to change as per regulatory guidelines).

Cardless cash withdrawal requests that are successful will be valid for 24 hours from the moment they are submitted. It will be returned to the account of the requestor after 24 hours.

Its quarterly net profit climbed by 14 percent to Rs 7,922 crore, but the second wave of the pandemic had a negative impact on its growth. HDFC Bank is the largest private sector lender.

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