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How Business Leaders Can Write A Book To Pass On Life Lessons

Michael Dennis Murphy, known as @TheRealMikeMurphy, is a modern-day Automotive Business Leader, Entrepreneur & Social Media Influencer.

Many entrepreneurs like myself have a wealth of knowledge about the business lessons they’ve learned along the way. All this knowledge can help others develop themselves both professionally and personally, but what’s the best way to impart this knowledge? I found that writing a book is a great opportunity to demonstrate relevant information to your desired audience.

When my father, Dennis Murphy, passed in 2020, I realized that I learned many lifelong lessons from him that others could benefit from. Shortly after his passing, I began the healing process of putting these lessons into writing and developed my first book.

While it might not sound easy, it’s easier than it seems. What I learned recently about writing a book is that all you need is the following:

• An outline

• Clarity in your purpose

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• Motivation

Start with the last idea first to build the outline. An outline is the purpose of the book. Why do you want to write it? The outline shapes the chapters and the flow of your book. Answer this with as many details as possible, then ask yourself, what are the desired outcomes I have for the reader? What are the readers’ takeaways? What should they gain from reading the book? What is the purpose of the book?

Finally, what structure do you intend for the book? There are three types in my mind:

1. Traditional has a beginning, middle and end.

2. List form can include an introduction, a top 10 and a recap.

3. Hybrid is a combination of #1 and #2.

Writing a book starts with putting your ideas into a cohesive framework, beginning with the outline. Upon completion of your outline, redefine your purpose. As a good rule, your purpose should be double in length and triple in clarity. More clarity equals a better probability of success. Do not rush through this step.

The last step must be internal, and you must have a borderline unhealthy amount of motivation. Your self-motivation is key. There will be many moments — and I experienced them — when it just seems easier to give up. In moments like that, your motivation is the only thing that will get you through to completion. My motivation was and is to write a series of books for my daughter and others to learn all the wonderful lessons my father taught me about life, both professionally and personally.

By using clarity in my purpose, sticking to an outline and digging into my motivation, I wrote my first book. Using the list form, I developed a framework for the top 10 business lessons I learned from my father. Each chapter invites the reader to absorb the lesson and ask questions about how it relates to them. By the time the reader is complete with the book, they should have a better understanding of how to achieve personal and professional goals. My father motivated me to become the man I am today, and now I have the opportunity to share his life lessons with a mass audience so that the experiences he had can live on through the printed word.

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You, too, can write a book by putting these practices into play. What story do you have to tell as a leader in business?

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