According to research GroupM, in 2021 the advertising market will grow by 19% and will exceed previous analysts’ expectations. Previously, they predicted the growth of indicators no higher 13%.

The advertising market will grow by 19% by the end of 2021. Study

The pandemic played a large role in the growth of the advertising market. The coronavirus has boosted the growth of factors such as the expansion of app ecosystems, the rapid formation of small businesses.

Here are some of the findings from the study:

  • Global Advertising will exceed $ 1 trillion in 2026, up from $ 641 billion in 2020 and $ 522 billion in 2016.
  • Has grown concentration within the industry: in 2020, the top 25 media companies accounted for 67% from the total revenue from advertising. The same group of companies in 2016 accounted for 42%.
  • Growth will be more reflected in digital media… The estimated growth will be 26% for all digital media, which is 11% more compared to December figures.
  • Traditional TV commercial is falling in price while streaming services are gaining momentum, and all investments are now directed to this area. GroupM expects Connected TV revenues to grow from $ 16 billion to $ 31 billion worldwide by 2026.
  • Estimated height audio advertising will be 18%, What’s on 9,3% higher than last year.

Recall earlier Google announced service for working with advertising tools – Ads Creative Studio.

A source: GroupM


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