Google is testing a new feature in search. For new topics for which there is no reliable information yet, the search engine will show the notification “it takes some time to display results from reliable sources.”

While Google Search always strives to provide the most useful results it can find, sometimes there is not yet reliable information on the topic you are looking for on the internet. This is especially true for the latest news and new topics, when the information that is published first may not be the most reliable.
To solve this problem, we trained our systems to detect when a topic is rapidly evolving, but a number of sources have not yet provided anything on it. We will now show a notification that it might be better to check the information later, when more information from different sources becomes available, says the Google blog.

Google will start showing notifications in search and unreliable sources

According to Google, the purpose of such notifications is to provide users with more information about search results so that they can better evaluate the data they find on the Internet.

Notifications will first be triggered for US English search results. Google hopes to roll out the feature to other countries in the coming months.

Recall earlier Google created a single page that has collected content requirements in Search.

A source: Google blog


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