Google updated Lighthouse tool to version 8.0

Google has released an update to its Lighthouse site auditing tool. In version 8.0, the weighting of the main site performance indicators in the final grade has changed. The update is already running in PageSpeed Insights.

Major changes:

  • Revision of performance metrics. New weight:


  • The estimation of the total block time (TBT) has become more stringent.
  • The first content rendering (FCP) score has become more stringent.
  • Cumulative Layout Displacement (CLS) estimation has become less stringent.

It is expected that as a result of this update, the majority (60%) of site owners notice positive changes according to their resources.

Google also showed the difference in ratings between different versions of Lighthouse.

Before the update:


After update:


In Google Chrome, the update will become available after the release of version 93, the release of which planned as of August 31, 2021.

Updated API Lighthouse

Google also updated API Lighthouse. It now uses the new CLS metric definition by default. An older version of this metric will be available for a limited time.

As a reminder, in early June, the updated CLS earned в Search Console.

A source: Search Engine Journal


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