Google talked about the first application of MUM (Multitasking Unified Model) technology in search.

The new technology has been tested on inquiries related to COVID-19 vaccines.

According to Google, identifying all the possible names for vaccines that are in use around the world is a very time-consuming task that requires hundreds of man-hours.

Using MUM, Google was able to identify over 800 vaccine names in over 50 languages ​​in seconds. Without MUM, it would have taken several weeks.

After confirming the results obtained with MUM, Google applied them to search. Users will now be able to find more relevant and better information about COVID-19 vaccines around the world.


Recall Google presented MUM is a new technology for handling complex search queries this May at the I / O conference. Like BERT, MUM is based on the transformer architecture, but 1000 times more powerful. The main goal of the technology is to help Google respond to complex search queries.
A source: Google Blog


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