Google Launches New Search Console Insights Tool

Google has introduced a new Search Console Insights tool. It will help content authors and publishers to understand what content users like the most.

Search Console Insights

The tool combines data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. With Search Console Insights, you can find out:

  • which of the author’s materials are most popular with the audience;
  • how interesting are new publications to visitors;
  • how readers find certain content;
  • what queries were typed into Google by users who went from the search results to the author’s materials;
  • which articles contain links to the site or content of a particular author.

Search Console Insights is available to all users who have a verified property in Search Console. The tool can be found at the top Google Search Console overview page or directly from the link.

In the future, Search Console Insights will also be available on iOS and Android apps.

You can learn more about the tool at service pages and c Google blogs.

Recall Google told about closed testing of Search Console Insights last summer.

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