Google Ads reminded of the completion of the transition to new principle the work of the phrase match and broad match modifier, about which said in February this year.

As part of this change, Phrase Match and Broad Match keywords will work the same for all languages.

From late July, Google Ads advertisers will no longer be able to add new broad match modifier keywords… Existing keywords with this match type will continue to function using the updated phrase matching behavior.

Advertisers will also be able to edit the attributes of such keywords, including bids or status, but if they need to make changes to the text, they will need to switch to phrase matching.

Recommendations from Google Ads:

  • Combine duplicate keywords and use a different match type for broad match keywords to make future account management easier.
  • Use the “Remove duplicate keywords” recommendation on the recommendation page to identify broad match keywords in an ad group that already has the same phrase match options.

To make it easy to convert broad match keywords to the desired match type, Google created two bulk editing solutions in Google Ads and Google Ads Editor.

Google Ads

After converting broad match modifier keywords, they will be removed and new keywords will be created in the specified match type. However, advertisers will still be able to view performance metrics for deleted phrases.

Statistics for new keywords will start from scratch. The historical performance for these phrases will not affect their performance in the auction, and changing the match type will not affect the Quality Score. This update will also not affect how negative keywords work.

A source: Google Ads Help


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