It is the most powerful way to build an engaged community of people who love your content and offers, if you want to know that how to get more Facebook page likes and followers for free then you are the right place.

In this post, I will share the top twelve methods to quickly increase your Facebook fan page likes and followers which will help to find your targeted audience for growing your business.

Can a Facebook Fan page grow my business?

Facebook is always adding new features for users and also update their business page which we are forgetting.

1. Benefits

Using the Facebook business page, we offer our affiliate products by writing high-quality content, which attracts our followers and increases the conversion rate.

2. Traffic

If you have a blog or business website then you can also promote on Facebook pages, Import your blog posts, discounts, and offers on your official Facebook fan page, and drive more traffic to your blog or website to generate more sales.

3. Email List growth

List building is most important in affiliate business. Facebook allows you to grow your list building which used for email marketing. Collecting emails,

This is an essential part of Digital Marketing or every worldwide business. Using Facebook business page, We can offer some free helpful blueprint pdf content and collect emails

4. Leads

A business leads or sales leads are a person who interested in your product offers or other services. You can easily generate more leads through your Facebook fan page by posting interesting content


When you are increasing your Facebook page likes and follower, definitely, increasing your business too and generate more sales

How to Get More Facebook Page Likes And Followers?

Here are some best tips to grow your Facebook fan page likes and followers which help to grow your business and find the ideal audience

get more facebook page likes

#1. Direct Invite People

Often as you may have seen an invite button appears on your page. I don’t know that you may have or not because it’s not available for all Facebook accounts.

But I am not talking about this, of course, it’s good if you have this button available in your account. You can easily invite your new, old or entire friends to like your business page.

As well as, you can invite direct peoples to like your Facebook business fan page. For example, tell your friends to send an invitation to their friends to like the requested Facebook fan page

Now, Similarly request your all family members and other relatives to invite their friend’s list to like. This is one of the best way to increase Facebook likes and followers quickly.

#2. Offer Discounts And Promotions

People every time hungry to get offers, discounts or free, You should also give free offers like you can offer some helpful ebooks or informative pdf which helps to solve people’s queries.

  • Offers: Free eBooks, PDF
  • Discounts: Any product or service which is available 50% or above discounts  instead of real price

When users will get some helpful content. they definitely like your page and follow your community to get new content of the notification.

This is another best way to get more Facebook page likes and followers and generate a fresh community and user engagement. When users get some helpful content.

#3. Add Facebook Like buttons to Your Blog

If you want to get more quickly to increase your Facebook page likes and followers then add your Facebook like and share the button to your website

Another best method to target customers that visit your website and force them to  like your Facebook business page with your quality blog post content

How you can add this Facebook likes button on your blog or website? If you are using WordPress CMS then you can install Widget for Social Page Feeds

#4. Make your Fb Page easy to find

I have often seen many people find it very difficult to name their Facebook page. It has no meaning and people can’t find it and such pages do not even appear in the search of Facebook

So, Always keep a good name for your Facebook business page, which people can easily remember, so they can easily find it when they need it.

#5. Go With relevant And high-quality content

I’ve seen a lot of people make a big mistake, and that is, For example, if their Facebook page is on a health topic, then they’re posted on the same page with other content like their own pictures, funny videos which not related to their business or niche.

You should always post related and high-quality content to grow your Facebook page likes and followers which are users find shareable and interesting, and they convert followers.

#6. Embed Fb Post on your website

For getting more Facebook page likes and followers you can also embed your best engaging Facebook posts to your website. Target your website users to hit like Your Facebook fan page.

#7. Post Educational Content

If I talking about my self, I love the video content which is informative and educational. Similarly, People love educational content, whether it’s video or text.

So, when you going to post on Facebook then you should always post educational and informative posts that are increasing your brand popularity and also help to get more new likes and followers on your Facebook business page.

#8. Publish Searchable Information

It is not necessary that you just only post images or videos on your FB fan page, You should also post searchable content too.

join your business-related groups and find what people are asking, then honestly answers their questions, and also share on your Facebook business page.

#9. Post Some Video Content

It is another good thing that posts your videos on your Facebook page for getting more fast likes and followers. Create your video about your product or services which explain in detail, you can also use whiteboard animations

People love to watch videos instead of reading long content, Videos are also ranked quickly because of search engines like the video here are some benefits of video marketing

  • Boosts conversion rates
  • A great addition to e-mail marketing
  • Build trust and availability
  • Increase social sharing
  • Quick engaging

When users share your video or content then definitely they like your Facebook business page and share with others.

Before you do anything just keeps in mind your topic, niche, or business and create related videos and publish. after a few weeks, you will see your Facebook likes and followers growing.

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