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Flex Note incoming? Codename hints at new foldable revealed alongside Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4

In a nutshell: It’s almost certain that Samsung will release the fourth versions of the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip handsets this year, but could a brand-new third foldable device be unveiled alongside them? Rumors say it might be one of the interesting concept devices or patents that we’ve seen from the company in recent times, such as the triple-screen foldable or the Flex Note laptop/display.

GalaxyClub reports that it has discovered the codenames for Samsung’s upcoming phones. The first is B4; the B stands for Bloom, a codename for the Galaxy Z Flip that was once thought to be the name of the Z Flip 2. The second codename is Q4, which is the Galaxy Z Fold 4, based on the fact that the Z Fold 3 was codenamed Q3. Then there’s the mysterious N4.

There are several theories as to what the N4 could be. One possibility is it’s a phone capable of folding and rolling—users pull the edge to extend the screen—which appeared in a patent filed in June last year.

N4 could also be a foldable device spotted in another patent: the double-folding, three-screen phone that Samsung showed off in an early prototype form back in August. Its design enables one of the three main displays to double as an outer screen when the phone is closed, and it even comes with an HDMI port.

But a more likely option, given the name, is that N4 is the Flex Note. Samsung showed off this foldable OLED display concept at CES 2022. It works as a 13-inch laptop but can also open up into a 17-inch display. Samsung never revealed any potential release dates back then, so could a final version be unveiled this year?

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Alternatively, the N4 could be a device we’ve never seen before. Whatever it turns out to be, the N4 is said to be receiving a limited launch much like the original Galaxy Fold, suggesting Samsung wants to test the waters before any full-scale release. We’ll find out more later in the year, possibly sometime in August.

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